Top 5 Gay Dad Family Ads of 2015

Commercials featuring gay dad families became so common this year that the curmudgeons at One Million Moms couldn't even keep up on protesting them. Our team of jurors (one writer still wearing pajamas) rounded up and ranked them based on objective criteria like, "Is this even realistic?" and "Which ad was most adorable?"

5. Famous Footwear

Just because it's last on the list, doesn't mean it's not adorable. The Famous Footwear came out late in the year, when we had seen quite a few of these gay-dad-families-eating-dinner commercials, and that’s pretty much all there is to this ad. That and a couple of shots of shoes.

4. Allstate

Allstate went the most in-depth with a gay dad family this year in its "Here's to Firsts" campaign video narrated by a new dad. The two-minute spot shows what we’re seeing a lot of — the happy family eating a meal together — but doesn’t stop there. Danny, the dad narrating, speaks frankly about their fight to become a family and their optimism that their daughter will live in a more just world.

3. Tylenol

We still can't watch this video without crying. It all starts out manageably, with cute couples doing cute couple things like going to prom, getting married and having kids. But then, the narrator asks, "When did you first fight to be considered a family?" while striking images of diverse families, including a gay dad family, appear in the background. That's when things get messy in the tear duct department.

2. Campbell's Soup

With over a million views, the Star Wars-themed Campbell’s soup ad won the popularity contest for sure — and it stole our hearts. We love everything about this ad: It features real-life gay dads. It shows an ethnically-diverse family. It doesn't preach. It gave us the gift of the most adorable Chewbacca impression known to humankind.

1. Nikon

Real-life gay dads Kordale and Kaleb shot to online fame by surprise in 2014 when an Instagram selfie of them doing their girls' hair in the morning went viral. Nikon captures their story beautifully, with an emphasis on the "real," giving them a chance to combat the hurtful responses their viral photo received with the truth about who they are: loving dads. Like the real dads they are, the couple has had its share of bumps this past year. They made news in July for splitting up, but it looks like they're back together and stronger than ever.

Nikon I Am Generation Image: Kordale & Kaleb from Paul La Calandra on Vimeo.


Did we get it right? Leave us a comment with your own Top 5 list.


Feature image courtesy of Nikon I am Generation Image.

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