One Year On

Doug and Brent met in 2007 and began their journey to fatherhood in 2013. They have been sharing their story of adoption with Gays With Kids since 2014. On March 4, 2015 they welcomed their son, Sawyer, and last Friday they celebrated his first birthday. Catch up with their family one year on.

As we approach the first birthday of our son it is crazy how much our life has changed. The day we met our son, it opened up a whole new world for us. People say, “It is love at first sight when you meet your child,” and our experience was been no different. We fell in love instantly and our love has only become stronger and stronger each day.

Brent holding Sawyer with Doug (right)

Being first-time parents can be scary but the way we tackled parenthood is always a 50/50 approach and it has worked for us. It doesn’t hurt that we lucked out and our son Sawyer has been a great baby from month one. Sawyer was sleeping through the night within four weeks. In fact, because Sawyer is so good, our friends and family joke and call Sawyer a “Unicorn Baby” (which describes that rare baby who never fusses, sleeps through the night and is extremely easy-going).

May 2015: Sawyer's adoption

Even though Sawyer was that “Unicorn Baby,” we have had our challenges, the biggest being how much our life has changed. We knew our life was going to be different and we prepared for it. Now that we are about to complete our first year as dads we can look back and realize it's all been worth it. When we look at our little man and his development over the past year, we know that we would do this a thousand times over again.

Ghostbusters for Halloween, 2015

What amazes us both is how fast this first year has gone. The memories will always be there, but the time of the immobile little person is gone forever. Now he is crawling, walking and talking. We are embracing every moment we have and looking forward to what the future brings.

Parenthood is everything we dreamed it would be!

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