One Interfaith Couple’s Old and New Traditions

When I was growing up, the holidays were always a special time for me. For Easter, my sisters and I would sleep at my grandma’s house in Buffalo, N.Y., for the long weekend, help her get things ready for the big Easter dinner on Sunday. We would go for walks with her to the busy Broadway Market and get our fresh butter lambs, kielbasa, other meats, and who could forget all the Easter chocolates! Not only were the holidays about food, but this was the time we would get to see our family that lived out of town too! I really loved all time we got to spend together, traditions we made, stories we told and the laughs we shared.

We all have to grow up. Some of us move away and start our own families. We hope to carry on traditions that we had as children and start new ones with our children. Now having a family of my own, I started to wonder what traditions I would pass on to Milo and create for us.

I am Catholic and Frank is Jewish. We have been raised with similar values, but our customs and traditions are different. Raising Milo in an interfaith family will be exciting not only for him, but for the both of us as well. We all get to learn new things together, create new traditions together. The other day I said to Frank that I miss the time spending at my grandma's, going to church with her to get our baskets blessed for Easter. He said to me that we will start our own traditions now with Milo, and do the things we both did as kids with him. Personally I think Milo has it made! Not only does he get to celebrate all the Jewish holidays, but he gets to celebrate the Catholic ones too! (And if he is lucky, get to stay home for both sets of holidays!)

Since Frank and I have been together, every December we have a Chrismukkah party. We combine Christmas and Hannukah celebrations invite our friends and family over for drinks. I prepare food for everyone and we ask everyone to bring a gift that can be donated to toy drives around the city for those less fortunate. This is a new tradition we started, and hopefully Milo will continue this once he starts a family of his own.

This year Passover and Easter fall on the same weekend. We will be celebrating Passover Seder with Frank's family, with all of Milo's cousins, aunts and uncles and then celebrating Easter with my family for Easter Sunday Brunch. I am excited to show Milo our traditions, do the things we have done as children with him and create new memories together as a family.

Holidays are special times to spend with those you love. No matter how you spend them, whether it's on a beach, or at a dinner table, it's about the time spent together with friends and family and the memories you make. There are no right or wrong ways of creating memories, and the best part is you get to make up your own traditions and customs along the way!

Chag Sameach (Happy Passover) and Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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