'Oh Baby, Baby!' This Broadway Baby & His Hubby Are Expecting!

Jacob and Jesse are going to be dads! And they found the best, most hilarious way to share their exciting news with their family. Check out their video below.

This Mount Vernon couple decided to go the private adoption route and are expecting a little girl in April. The dads-to-be say it all still feels very surreal and like a dream.

When asked what they were most excited about, Jacob said, "Everything!"

"My husband, Jesse, is a professional Broadway singer, and he cannot wait to sing her to sleep each night," said Jacob. "He's actually even written a lullaby for her!"

Like most parents-to-be, they're still nervous as they want to be the best possible parents to their little girl.

"We want to be the best parents possible, [but] we're nervous about making mistakes!"

Keep us posted on your journey guys, and don't worry, you've got this!

Jesse (left) and Jacob, dads-to-be

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