News Brought To You: One Million Hateful Moms At It Again

One Million Moms is “extremely disappointed” in the beloved Mattel-owned American Girls and their sinful rag of a magazine, which recently published a feature on 11-year-old Amaya, a former foster care kid who helps her dad – himself a foster care veteran – create nurturing care packages for children in foster care.

“Our bags make foster kids feel as if they’re loved,” Amaya says in the story. (The article was penned by an adult author on her behalf.)

“When Makai and I were first adopted, everything we had was stuffed into trash bags, one for each of us. That made my daddy feel really bad,” she says. “When he was a kid in foster care and moving from place to place, he also carried the few things he owned in a trash bag. He says it made him feel like he wasn’t worth much. He thinks kids should be treated better than that.”

The problem, says One Million Moms, is that this story included a large photo of Amaya with her whole family – and her family has two dads.

The organization helpfully suggests that American Girl could have chosen to write about a different child. One without gay dads. Since they didn’t, it can only be assumed they are “attempting to desensitize our youth” to the Homosexual Agenda™.

They provide further useful counsel to other parents: “If your child has not seen this yet, then be careful she is not exposed and can avoid a premature conversation she is far too young to understand.”

Rob Scheer, Amaya’s dad, told The Washington Post he’s not naive, but he was taken aback by the negative response, which included phone calls to his home. He kind of thought moms loved children unconditionally and would be stoked Amaya and her three younger brothers have found a loving home.

“I look at a woman and see someone who has given so much love to bring a child into this world,” he said. “How could that same person look at these four children and say they don’t deserve that unconditional love?”

Rob has agreed to talk with Gays With Kids about the bad press and, more importantly, the good their family is doing. Stay tuned.

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