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Christopher Thangaraj, "Friday Night Lights." Our gay dad blogger Christopher Thangaraj is worried about the effects of the anti-LGBTQ culture wars on his kids. But he finds hope in an unlikely place -- a night out with his family at Northwestern University's football stadium.

David Blacker, "How IKEA Turned a Boy Into a Man, and a Sap Out of Two Dads." A trip to that mythical, kids-only place where boys suddenly grow up: IKEA SMÅLAND. Have tissues and wet wipes ready.

Hans Hirschi, "Carpe Diem -- Seize the Day." Hans Hirschi gives some heartfelt advice: Seize the day. Enjoy those precious moments with your kids.

Christopher Thangaraj, "The Reality of Raising African-American Boys in America." In reaction to the developments in Ferguson, Missouri, Christopher Thangaraj opens up about raising African-American sons in a prejudiced world. This article was recently republished in the Huffington Post.

Ian Colvin, "The Universe Responds." Ian Colvin writes about the importance of pursuing your dreams. This piece was also republished recently in the Huffington Post.

Grant Evans, "Music Class." Grant Evans talks about how his twins experienced music class very differently: a dream for one, for the other a nightmare.

Mark Mains, "Finally! The Dad Diaper Party." What the heck is a dad diaper party? Read Mark Mains's post about a dad diaper party he and his husband were invited to. They loved it!

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