My Dad Never 'Came Out' to Me As Gay

In a personal essay for Metro Magazine, writer Sophie Mei Lan says her father never had a moment in which he "came out" to her. Growing up, she says it was just an accepted fact of life.

She writes: "People are constantly asking how my dad came out to me as gay I want to answer: Well he held a huge party for the whole neighbourhood and he had this cake made which he sliced open to reveal rainbow layers whilst Diana Ross belted out 'I'm coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show…'

But instead, there was no party or public declaration, she says. She was only three years old when her father and mother split, and her father began dating another man. But she never questioned the sudden shift in her father's affections.

"The beauty of young children is that they are born with open minds. Kids may ask questions, but they just accept what's put in front of them. It's society that feeds prejudice and intolerance. So we just adapted to living with two different families, in two houses. It was the ferrying around that caused problems, not my dad's sexuality."

Read Sophie's entire piece here.

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