Move Over, Mother And Father; Parents’ Day Is Coming!

Yesterday, blogger AJ Edge’s post “Being Dad and Daddy in a Mommy World” caused a great amount of lively (and sometimes heated) discussion, both on the Gays With Kids website and Facebook. Clearly, there is much interest in how we acknowledge and celebrate the dual role of mom and dad in gay and lesbian parenting.

Coincidentally, earlier this week Gays With Kids issued a press release to announce our intention to breathe new (and gay) life into Parents’ Day, a little-known American holiday established in 1994 by President Clinton. It falls of the fourth Sunday of every July; in other words, this coming Sunday, July 27, is Parents’ Day!

While the holiday was originally intended to celebrate and strengthen the traditional two-parent family, we’d like to re-purpose this holiday to recognize every parental figure within any family unit. And for all you single parents out there, move that apostrophe and celebrate Parent’s Day!

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