*More* Heartwarming Photos of Gay Dads on Adoption Day!

Recently we shared a collection of gay dad families celebrating their kid's or children's adoption day with the judges who made them forever families. We were overwhelmed with how many families, in turn, shared their own pics. So much so, we decided to do a follow up and include the ones we missed. We're sure this collection will make you smile just as much as the first.

Dads Luis and D (short for Demitri) finalized the adoption of their twin sons on July 26, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. (The family now lives in Michigan)

Bryan and Milton finalized the adoption of their daughter Hollis on October 20, 2011 (photo above), and then their son, Harper, on April 19, 2013 (photo below) in Connecticut. (The family now lives in St Louis, Missouri)

Dads Adam and David finalized the adoption of Caius on March 28, 2017. (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Alex and Danny finalized the adoption of their son Jaxson on March 23, 2016. (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)

After a year of fostering their kids, Tim and Philip finalized the adoption of Trinity and Braxtyn on April 5, 2017. (Gallatin, Tennessee)

Bradley adopted his son in May 2008 and the photo (above, left) was snapped by his now-husband Erik (above, right, and in the middle). The second photo captures the day Erik also adopted their son in March 2016. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Richard and Brian at the adoption finalization of their daughter, September 2015. (Seattle, Washington)

Dads Szymon and Scott finalized the adoption of their daughter Ava on May 8, 2017. (Maryland)

Seth and Octavius finalized the adoption of their son Julian on July 8, 2015. (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Colin and Will with their daughter Campbell (photo above), and again with her fantastic birth mom, Lizzy, and the judge (photo below) who made them a forever family on November 9, 2016. (North Hollywood, California)

Jeff and Tim finalized the adoption of their son Andy on May 31 in South Florida, Port St. Lucie. (The family lives in Celebration, Florida)

Chris and Eddie with their 6-month-old son Colton became a forever family on March 16, 2016. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Mike and Karl adopted their son Dominik and became a forever family on June 17, 2016. (Wallingford, Connecticut)

Thomas and Jonathan with their daughter Charlotte on her adoption day, May 2016. (Baltimore, Maryland)



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