Meet Swedish Single Gay Dad Mattias

From Norrköping, Sweden, meet gay dad Mattias and his son Hugo.

Mattias is 34 years old; Hugo turns 1 on December 16 this year.

Mattias met Hugo's mother through a Swedish website called villhabarn, which means “Want to Have a Child." They decided that the best course for them was to create their family via insemination at home – and it worked! It was only the two of them involved in the creation of their son Hugo.

Mattias co-parents with Sofi, Hugo's mother. They split time with Hugo evenly between the two of them. Sofi lives in a town 45 minutes away from Mattias and although their arrangement takes a lot of time and energy, they make it work for the family.

Mattias's relations live nearby in Norrköping and everyone has been positive about his family, although they initially had some questions.

Four generations of family

Both Mattias's mother and grandfather help him a lot, for which he is very thankful.

Mattias and his grandfather

Mattias is a preschool teacher and is very open about his sexuality: everyone knows he is a single gay dad.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with us, Mattias! We love watching your journey on Instagram.

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