Meet Russ, Mark and Their Teenage Kids

Meet gay dads Russ and Mark and their two teenage kids. Russ and Mark met in 2009 and married three years later in New York City. They had a reception on their farm a week later where the kids played an integral part of the celebration.

Mark and Russ (center) together with their family on their wedding day, 2012

Russ (l) and Mark with their kids at Mark’s parents’ house in the village of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Ohio

Russ is the biological dad to his two amazing kids from a previous marriage; Russ got married at 22, before he discovered his "true self.”

Family selfie before their son's sophomore prom

Russ is a teacher by trade, but after coming out he went back to school for a second master’s degree and now works part time as a mental health therapist, working largely with LGBT youth.

Family vacation to Outer Banks, N.C., where they go every year with Russ's family

Russ and Mark co-parent with the biological mother of Russ's children. Their daughter spends time both at their house and with her mother; their son lives with Mark and Russ full time.

Participating in Alliance Community Hospital’s “Steppin’ Out for Hospice 5k Run/Walk" in memory of Russ’s aunt

Both teenagers adore Mark. Russ and Mark are seriously contemplating adopting a third child together.

Family photo at Russ’s nephew’s wedding in the summer of 2014

They have been through all the home studies, finished their parenting classes and have cleared all hurdles; now they’re just waiting for the call from the agency!

Family trip to New York City in August

Mark and Russ renewed their vows last year in Central Park; this time both their kids were there to celebrate with them.

Mark (l) and Russ renew their vows in Central Park in front of their kids

“Mark is in every way a father to my children,” says Russ. "Life is exactly the way it should be.” Congratulations to this awesome family!

Family photo at Toledo Zoo

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