Meet Jose, Pedro and Sofia

Meet this young Puerto Rican family and their gorgeous daughter Sofia who is 8-months-old. Pedro (23) and Jose (26) have been together for 3 years although Pedro says it feels as though they've known each other for years. Jose was in the military in 2005  but was medically discharged in 2012 due to an accident. Jose was living in Puerto Rico when he met Pedro on Facebook; Pedro was living in Orlando. They spoke every night for 6 months, until Pedro went to Puerto Rico to meet Jose for the first time. It was love at first sight. After 4 days, Pedro had to go back to Florida, but he said he left his heart in Puerto Rico.

Pedro (l) and Jose's first photo ever; at the resort where they met

They continued to speak daily, until one day Jose surprise Pedro with the news that he had sold all his belongings and he wanted Pedro to pick him up from the airport that evening. Pedro was thrilled, and Jose moved in right away  to begin their new life together. Pedro and Jose had always talked about having a gmail of their own, and in February this year, their dreams came true! A close friend was having a baby and was giving it up for adoption, and they knew it was meant to be their baby.

Their first family picture, a few hours after Sofia Leilani was born

On February 21st, 2015, their beautiful daughter Sofia was born. Both Pedro and Jose consider themselves very lucky to have the support of their families and friends, and on October 15th they were married with a beautiful ceremony in Lake Mary, Florida.

Jose (l) and Pedro's wedding

The family's first dance

Pedro and Jose want everyone to know that anything is possible: "It does not matter what your sexual preference is, your age, or what people might think or say, as long as you have a dream and you have someone next you every step of the way, you will achieve it."

Family photo at Pedro's birthday, March 2015

Their propspal was unique: they both kind of asked each other at the same time! Here is Pedro describing the moment they both new it was forever: "We were out at dinner and the topic of marriage came up and we both looked at each other for what felt like forever and then we both smiled. We started talking about it and we both decided we would get married. No one asked the other, however it was more like we both said yes at the same time."

Jose (l) and Pedro

Pedro and Jose plan to adopt 2 more kids within the next few years. Since they are both Puerto Ricans they only speak to Sofia in Spanish because we want her to learn it from a very young age; they figure she'll learn English in school, so at home she can learn Spanish. She calls both of them "Da-Da" for now but they are trying to teach her to say "Papi."

Family selfie

Pedro and Jose describe themselves as a "fun, goofy, normal loving fathers to our beautiful princess."

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