Meet Gay Dads: Lee and Christopher with Fleur

Lee, 28, and Christopher, 24, met eight years ago at a gay club in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Today they live in Ebbw Vale, South Wales with their young daughter Fleur, who was born just over a year ago.

How did the two guys meet? Lee fills us in on the hilarious details: “Well the day we met ... I wouldn’t normally go out as it was a weekday – I worked in a school and couldn’t deal with kids and hangovers but it was the Easter holidays – so I went out on a Wednesday, and there he was! I saw him and we locked eyes and I knew I had to talk to him. At the end of the night when everyone was leaving the club he sat next to my friend, not talking or anything just sat next to each other and that was my opportunity to make a move... so I wiggled between them and my friend took her chicken fillets (removable silicone breast enhancers) out of her bra and gave them to me to mind so I put them on my eyes and started singing a buzzy bee song from school. He completely ignored me. He got up to get a taxi and I followed him and said, “Can I have your number?” and he said yes. I was very drunk and I couldn’t really remember a lot about the night, I just knew I thought he was cute. Then we went on our first date the next day. I picked him up and we went for a quiet drink and just talked and talked.”

Lee wasn’t sure what he wanted at first. He loved the idea of having a boyfriend, but also loved going out and “having a flirt.” But two weeks after they met, after they went to Manchester and Alton Towers, he began to fall for him.

October 31, 2014: Lee (left) and Christopher's wedding. Their surrogate was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of their wedding.

March 5, 2015: Christopher with Fleur. Photo credit: Danielle Boyle Cardiff

March 5, 2015: Lee with Fleur. Photo credit: Danielle Boyle Cardiff

Christopher proposed to Lee. They were in a hotel the night before his brother’s wedding. When they were in bed, Christopher just asked, seemingly out of the blue. But he had a ring! Lee got quite emotional. He texted loads of friends and family!

They were planning to get married in July 2015 in St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff. But then they started looking into surrogacy. Things moved very quickly. When their surrogate became  pregnant almost immediately, they scaled down the wedding. Still, the smaller wedding had some 150 guests. All of their friends and family were there, applauding as they walked into the room.

March 2, 2015: First family photo at home

They created their family via surrogacy in the U.K. It began in Cancún, Mexico. Lee and Christopher were in the ocean, bobbing up and down in the water watching the world go by; then they started chatting to a straight couple next to them.  The female half was there on business; she ran an egg donation clinic in Los Angeles. She was in Cancún to meet with a clinic, planning to work together on a surrogacy agency there.

The chance meeting had made the guys curious. Back in the United Kingdom they investigated surrogacy more. Eventually in February they met a woman who would become their surrogate. She became pregnant only a few months later, in June.

Ibiza, September 2015: First family holiday abroad

Everyone in their families was completely supportive. To this day they haven’t come across anyone who has been negative!

Ibiza, September 2015

South Wales is very small. According to the guys, everyone knows everyone’s business, but people look out for each other. They say they’ve been very lucky as a couple and a family and have never had any negativity. Everyone is completely supportive. What they don’t like: people asking very personal questions, though, such as Whose sperm was it?

Their advice to gay men thinking about surrogacy: Research your options. Follow your dreams.

June 2015: Morning snuggles with Lee

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