Meet Gay Dads: Chad and Scott with Olivia and Lukas

Scott and Chad have been together for 20 years. They met one summer singing and dancing and were married on the first day it was legal in the United States: May 17, 2004.  They may have been the first gay couple to get married because they went before a judge to get the 3-day waiting period waived so they could have their license issued that same day. (The couples getting press coverage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, weren’t fully married until 3 days later.) After years of waiting tables, they saved enough money away to be blessed with twins, Lukas and Olivia, in 2009. After the birth of their twins, both Chad and Scott felt that never before had the world nor their family embraced them like this. Chad says, "Some say we are pioneers but we got here on the backs of the giants who started this movement way before we were even born."

Gays With Kids: We love a good love story. How did you two meet?

Chad: We met doing "The Boyfriend" at Miami University in Ohio's summer theater in 1995.

From left to right: Lukas, Scott, Olivia and Chad

Gays With Kids: Why did you choose surrogacy as your particular path to fatherhood?

Chad: We have 6-year-old twins, Lukas and Olivia, via gestational surrogacy so we are each the biological father of one of the children.

On the cover of G Magazine

Gays With Kids: What do you consider to be the most important lesson you are teaching your children?

Chad: To be kind, have courage, realize that others may not have what you have, work hard, but always have fun.

Vacationing in Florida

Gays With Kids: Please share any advice you may have for others considering a similar path to fatherhood.

Chad: I never felt more proud of who I am until I was married and had children. Having children is never as hard as you think it will be and the baby stage is definitely the easiest so enjoy it while it lasts!

In front of their Marriott "Love Travels" campaign image

Gays With Kids: Did you always want kids, and if you did not always want kids, what happened to change your mind?

Chad: Yes, I always wanted them but never thought it was possible until we decided to stay strong and realize our goals.

Chad, Scott, Olivia and Lukas like to have a bit of fun with their annual Christmas cards. Check out this family's sense of humor and see their three most recent card images below:

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