Meet Gay Dads: Adam and Scott

GWK: What obstacles did you face on your path to fatherhood? As with many others, we faced the delay of time, it took so long to find our little guy and required our patience and faith in a process that is very broken.

GWK: How has your life changed since you became a father? Our life is definitely more scheduled. No more late night dates or movies or late night walks fantasizing about the future - we are too busy living today. Mornings come early, even on weekends. Each night when we go to sleep we smile with how blessed we are.

GWK: What have you learned from your children since you became a dad? Our hearts are full, before our son Paulo there was a longing that life was about something more, something bigger. Paulo has taught us about unconditional love, patience, compassion and how to have some good fun. Pillow fights or legos or a family movie or story time our smiles are bigger and our lives full since adopting our son.

GWK: Was there ever a moment that you or Scott experienced any serious doubts about your path to fatherhood or fatherhood itself? We often worried that it just wouldn't happen for us. We had to accept even before we started our journey that things would play out just as they were meant too, but this is still hard.

GWK: Is your family treated differently than others on account of your sexual orientation? We haven't had any instances of discrimination. Sometimes there are confused looks more so when Paulo explains to a new person he has two daddies. All of the kids in his Kindergarten class think it's cool.

GWK: Where do you see your family 5-10 years in the future? A little bit older and wiser, but still busy having fun and discovering the world together.

GWK: What words of advice do you have for other gay men considering adoption? Do your research and don't be afraid to talk to those who have walked in your shoes. Be patient, the road is fast for some, long and hard for others. Surround yourself with those who support you. Family and friends often lift you up or drag you down. You will need supporters along the way.

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