McHusbands Adam and Erik are Ready for Fatherhood

We are Erik and Adam and we are on our path to becoming first-time fathers! We met three and a half years ago online through OkCupid. After our first date at the local bowling alley, we both knew where we were heading. (Marriage, in case you were wondering).

We got engaged a year and a half after dating bliss, and we were married on our second anniversary in beautiful Palm Springs.  Surrounded by 100 of our closest friends and relatives, and the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love everywhere, we felt that the wedding was the perfect start to a new chapter for us. Now, after three and a half years together, we’re ready for another new chapter.

Adam (left) and Erik with nephew Mark

We first talked about kids on our second date.  Not that we wanted them right then and there, but the idea started brewing from that point.  Our relationship has been filled with open communication and it's only made us stronger as a couple.  Three months ago we decided it was time to grow our family, so we dove head first into research.  It was all a bit overwhelming at first because there are so many avenues to choose from.  And how do you know what you're choosing is right?!

We have numerous gay friends that went down the adoption route and they kindly gave us recommendations, advice and referrals.  We put all our focus into the adoption route after we eliminated the surrogacy option because of its price tag.  We were so set on adoption that we made plans to go to an adoption workshop.  But a week before attending that workshop, someone close to us offered to be our surrogate without the need of compensation.  That news turned our world upside down!

Adam and Erik's wedding

What do we do?!  The price tag of surrogacy still lingered in our heads, but we felt this opportunity was presented to us for a reason, so we owed it to ourselves to look into it further.  We spent a couple weeks getting to know all about surrogacy and looking into different fertility centers throughout Southern California.  And that brings us to today!  We are currently speaking with our egg donor (a close friend) and surrogate to see if it's all possible and what budget we would be working with exactly.  Adoption could come back into the picture if things don't work out, but we'll just have to wait and see!

We can't wait to be fathers, and spread the unconditional love we have for each other to a beautiful new baby!  It'll also be nice to have someone else to watch PAW Patrol with, haha!  We are lucky to have the best nieces and nephews you could ask for, and we're getting as much dad practice as we can with them!  We're documenting every step of our process on our YouTube channel, not only for us and our future child, but for anyone else who wants to know what our journey is like from beginning to end.  We looked around but never found the whole process documented on film.  Even though it's all just begun for us, we can't wait to see what happens.  THREE!

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