Matt Bomer's Latest Role Is One He's Already Aced: Fatherhood

We already knew Matt Bomer was a talented actor (and, um, dancer) but turns out he's a pretty damn good father, too.

In a recent interview with Modern Luxury Magazine, the out gay actor talks about his latest movie, Walking Out, in which he plays a father to a 14-year-old son. Unlike some of his previous roles—in which he's played everyone from a stripper to a con man—this one came naturally to the 40-year-old actor, who himself is a father to 9-year-old twins and a 12-year-old son.

"We start to get to the center of some questions about parenting that I deal with every day, which is 'What are we supposed to instill in our children?" Bomer reflected.

The actor goes on to reveal how he and husband Simon Halls philosophically approach their daily role as fathers. "What's meaningful to us are manners, respect, a good work ethic," Bomer says. Also, "a belief in themselves, that they can follow their dreams, pursue whatever they want to pursue and to be their most authentic self. Whoever you are and whoever you want to be is accepted and surrounded by love."

Matt also gives some insight into how life has changed for him since becoming a dad. "Once you become a parent, your world becomes much more tightknit," he says. "It becomes about the family, as it should be. That's who lifts me up in a storm. We're fortunate to have loving kids who haven't been caught up in the wave of being too cool to give us hugs and kisses just yet. My family makes me smile at the end of the day."

Read Bomer's entire interview here and then check out some of our favorite Instagram pics of Bomer, his family, and some of his charitable work below:

Matt and His Kids on a Fishing Trip

Giving Canada Some Love

Shout-out for a great cause

Looking Dapper for Charity

Helping LGBTQ Athletes

And this one, just cuz the man can wear a suit.

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