"A Stunning Feeling"; Congrats to These Gay Dads on Recent Births and Adoptions!

Whether through surrogacy, fostering, adoption, or co-parenting, this group of new dads shows that gay dad families are growing by the day, in every single way! We're happy to welcome all these wonderful fathers and their kiddos to the GWK community!

Matty & Rob and their son Kuba; United Kingdom

Husbands Matty and Rob live in the UK, and they adopted their son Kuba in October 2021, after an 18-months-long adoption assessment process. Kuba is now four years old.


"We considered surrogacy, but then decided that there are enough kids in this world that are in need of a forever, loving family so went through with adoption instead," Matty said.

The first time the dads met Kuba was in the park with his foster caregivers, and they said something just clicked. After having such a great time together, they arranged a few follow-up meetings in public to get to know each other more.

When Kuba came home with his dads, he already knew how he wanted his room to look. He also got to meet his two family dogs, and he was overjoyed to be able to play with all of them together. "It was fantastic to have him giggling around," Rob said. The husbands are  both working with an LGBT+ charity at their workplace, and said it has been so good to show everyone that gay dads can have a family.

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Sterling & André and baby Baily; North Carolina

Congratulations to dads Sterling and André in Knightdale, North Carolina, who welcomed their third child, Baily Grace, on February 2nd, 2022. "No, it was not planned this way," Sterling said of their newborn daughter's unforgettable birthday; 2/2/22.


"To say we have been blessed is an understatement," the dads said. "While this may be our third time around sun with the IVF process, the excitement and joy our new little has given us feels no different than what we felt when our other two were born."

The dads said Baily's big brother Chase and big sister Aliya have ensured that she feels loved by constantly checking on her, bringing her toys and giving her lots of kisses.

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John & Darcell welcome little Johnathan; Texas.

New dads John and Darcell started the adoption process back in August 2021 in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. They were blessed with their baby boy just few months later. Little Johnathan was born right before Halloween, and he was with his dads by early November.


"He is the most amazing thing I could’ve ever imagined doing in my life on this earth!" John said of their son. "Holding him for the first time woke something in me that can only be described as primitive because at that point, I knew for the rest of my life I would be the 'warrior' for this child. No matter his age or size, he will forever be my son and that comes with a major responsibility that we were beyond ready for."

Darcell said he wants everyone to see how much love and care they have for their son, because they want to put the stigma that gays can’t raise kids to rest. "We can raise kids!" Darcell said. "And we can love them to measures unknown. He is my heart and my joy and I want everyone to feel this sort of love. It is honestly life-changing!"

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Jensy & Junior are Expecting Again! Bronx, NY

Congrats to New York dads Jensy and Junior, who have announced they're expecting baby number two in mid-August 2022! Not only will this be their second baby, it will also be the second time Jensy's mother has pulled double-duty as grandmother and surrogate carrier.


"It’s priceless and it makes us feel so blessed, happy, and grateful," Jensy said of his amazing mom being their surrogate again. The couple said their young son is also feeling happy about being promoted to big brother. "One day he says he wants a baby girl, the next day he says he wants a baby boy, and he is already saving some of his toys saying 'this is for my brother or my sister,'" Junior said. We are sure he will be a great big brother!

As for the dads, they're hoping for a little girl, but they said they will love their baby regardless. Right now, they're getting excited for the baby's arrival this summer and looking forward to holding a gender reveal.

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Benny, Josh & Ari Become a Family; Minnesota


Dads Benny and Josh live in about three hours west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They started the domestic infant adoption process in November 2017, and became home study approved a year later. After two difficult failed adoptions, they agreed to give the adoption journey one more effort before pivoting. In October 2021, four years after first starting out, they communicated with a birth mom and dad with whom they had an immediate connection.

"In January 2022, they delivered their beautiful son Ari, who we got to meet that evening," Benny said. "We adore his first mom and dad, and are over the moon to be his adoptive dads!"

When asked what was it like holding baby Ari for the first time, Josh said one word comes to mind; relief. "We had envisioned what this little human’s face would look like for years, and we finally got to see it," he said. "He was perfect. The moment had finally arrived and we were so ready for it!"

Josh and Benny said the support they received from a large network of gay dads and same-sex families was incredibly helpful, and they are still friends with some of them all these years later.

"Representation matters and we appreciate the safe spaces we have both in our local community and online network. Thank you!"

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Matan and his daughter Lian; Israel

31-year-old blogger Matan is the proud dad of 6-month-old Lian through co-parenting. "My daughter has both a mom and a dad," Matan said. "She grew up in co-parenting equally and equitably. It's exciting and special!"


Matan said being the proud dad to Lian is a "stunning feeling," which has been exciting and great fun. He said becoming a parent at the young age of 31 is "the best thing I could wish for myself. This is a dream come true!"

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Jared & Matthew adopt Ace & Raggie; Colorado

Foster-to-adopt dads Jared and Matthew have finalized the adoptions of their sixth and seventh kids; siblings 10-year-old Ace and 6-year-old Raggie.

Jared said the boys' adoptions marks the end of three years of work, which had been a large part of their family's life. "We have felt like the boys were part of our family from the moment they came to stay with us," Jared added. "So it just made sense to adopt!"

To celebrate, Jared and Matthew and all their children had a party at home, which is also where they did the adoption virtually. Then, the following weekend, they went up on the mountain and went sledding with some friends. Read more about this family here.

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Posted by Brit Smith

Brit Smith is a Staff Writer & Associate Editor at GWK. A native of London, England, Brit started her American adventure nannying and waiting tables in Texas in 2006, and eventually graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. Brit has previously written and created podcasts for WBZ NewsRadio, iHeart Media, and Different Leaf.

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