Can single gay men become foster parents?

Kevin Talks Foster Care With Romayne Pollard

Single Foster Dad Kevin talks with Romayne Pollard about his experience as a queer dad parenting through the foster care system.


Becoming a Single Foster Dad

"It really takes a special person to be a single dad," said Romayne, who lives with his son in Chicago, Illinois. "I started out as a foster dad and had to deal with birth parents, birth grandparents, social workers and the inevitable questions of where was my wife!"

Being single is not a barrier to becoming a foster parent. In a 2020 article with GWK Romayne said that "he wished more men would set their fear aside and become dads if it's something they really want out of life."

In this video interview, Romayne and Kevin discuss their experiences navigating the foster care system as single queer dads. Watch the full video above.

Posted by Kevin Gerdes

Kevin Gerdes is a Realtor located in the Los Angeles area, where he’s lived the last 11-years. He is on the journey of becoming a single father via the foster care system as he prepares to foster-adopt a newborn baby. He is 34-years old and when he is not selling homes he is a working actor and podcast host of his show, “LGBTQ Stories” found wherever you listen to your podcast. You can follow Kevin only everywhere at @kevingerdes. To keep up to date with Kevin's foster journey: Subscribe to Kevin Adopts on YouTube, Follow Kevin on Instagram


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