Kevin talks foster care with gay dad Arin Lopez

Navigating Foster Care as a Gay Man

Kevin Gerdes, of the YouTube channel "Kevin Adopts," talks with fellow gay foster dad Arin Lopez about his experience as a queer dad navigating and parenting through the foster care system.


Why Can't I Foster as a Gay Man?

As a young child, Arin felt that the only way to become a father was through heterosexual marriage and that there were no options for same-sex couples. It wasn't until he was older and ready to become a dad that he considered fostering. "Why can't I foster?" Arin asked, describing the realization to Kevin. 

The idea of giving a child who seeks stability, attention, and care was enough for Arin to start the process. He loved the idea of providing a safe and loving environment for those who needed it most. 

In this interview, Arin dives into the plethora of reasons why parenting through foster care was right for him and his experience navigating the system as a gay man. Watch the full video above.

GWK has partnered with Kevin on this new series — discussing all things related to gay dads navigating foster care — so stay tuned for more! And check out our feature on Kevin and his own foster care journey here

Posted by Kevin Gerdes

Kevin Gerdes is a Realtor located in the Los Angeles area, where he’s lived the last 11-years. He is on the journey of becoming a single father via the foster care system as he prepares to foster-adopt a newborn baby. He is 34-years old and when he is not selling homes he is a working actor and podcast host of his show, “LGBTQ Stories” found wherever you listen to your podcast. You can follow Kevin only everywhere at @kevingerdes. To keep up to date with Kevin's foster journey: Subscribe to Kevin Adopts on YouTube, Follow Kevin on Instagram


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