Justin and Mark with their baby

Justin and Mark - a Surrogacy Family Story

From their very first conversation, New Jersey couple Justin Mortelliti and Mark Evans knew they wanted to be gay dads.  

"We both wanted to get it out on the table immediately because it was non-negotiable, we've each had this dream of being fathers since we were young." 


Growing up in a religious Italian Catholic family, Justin had a hard time reconciling his gay feelings with wanting to be a father. "I came out in my mid-twenties partly because I thought the only way to have children is if I were straight."

After a long road of self-work, acceptance, and love, Justin was able to find inner peace and happiness. 💕

He shares that "Mark and I were married in September 2019. We actually began our surrogacy journey a year before that. We met up with friends of ours who had already started their own surrogacy process. In discovering how difficult this journey was, they decided to start their own agency to focus on helping other gay couples have children. Their agency is called Elevate Baby and they helped us enormously." 🙌

"There were many hurdles along the way -- not the least of which was the pandemic -- but after finding our egg donor, creating our embryos, finding a gestational carrier, and having a successful transfer (on my birthday this past year) we were finally pregnant!"🤰

At the end of their journey they welcomed their daughter into their family. 👶 "The past 3 weeks have been beautiful beyond words. Some days I have to stare at myself in the mirror while holding her to see that this actually happened. A lifelong dream come true." 😍


The dads share this advice for those considering becoming dads.

"You may resent the fact that this can be so much easier for straight people. We certainly did at times. We (the GLBTQ+ community) have to go through so much to have children. Along your journey, you may come up against antiquated policies, or have to deal with microaggressions and offensive language. Whether you choose to ignore or fight will be up to you."

"But remember this...we are each trailblazers and we deserve to realize our dreams of parenthood as much as anyone else!" 🏳️‍🌈

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