Jordan and Robby’s Surrogacy Journey to Fatherhood, Part 1

Exclusively for Gays With Kids, new blogger Jordan Letschert wrote a three-part history (with husband Robby Price) of their surrogacy journey to fatherhood. This is the first part. 

Most parents say they would go to the end of the earth for their child. We, Jordan Letschert and Robby Price, did that and more. Before he was even born!

Nearly 21 months ago, we (I, Jordan, a former Texas police officer now living in Florida; and Robby, my then-partner, now-husband) made the decision to become parents. After much deliberation we decided on doing a surrogacy for our first child. And thus the journey began.

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Instantly we hit a first wall. In Florida in November 2014, you could not do a surrogacy under the law unless you were married. (Marriage equality had yet to reach Florida.) So what were we to do, knowing Florida was considered a “non-friendly surrogacy state” by most surrogacy agencies across America.

Committed to the notion of becoming parents at any cost, we set out on an investigation that became more complex than any case I had worked on as a police officer!

We found several agencies in the United States and decided we would move if necessary to the state in which they could accomplish a surrogacy with favorable laws for a gay couple. Naturally, we began with California where we interviewed many egg donor agencies, surrogate agencies and IVF doctors.

We settled on a world-renowned  fertility doctor and clinic in the heart of Los Angeles and began the next step: finding agencies to help us match with an egg donor and surrogate. To give you a quick breakdown of the moving parts we faced, here is all that was involved.

Jordan (left) and Robby

  • Finding a state in which a gay couple could participate in surrogacy with ease
  • Finding an IVF doctor we trusted to help us achieve the dream of a family
  • Finding an egg donation agency that would help screen donors willing to work with a same-sex couple
  • Meeting the egg donor to ensure it was a good fit
  • Having the fertility doctor review the medical records of the egg donor as well as her family through her grandparents
  • Finding legal representation for the egg donor agreement for ourselves and the donor
  • Finding a surrogate agency that was willing to work with a same-sex couple
  • Meeting a surrogate and her family to ensure it was a good match and they were okay working with a same-sex couple
  • Finding attorneys to represent us and the surrogate to draft a gestational surrogacy agreement
  • Traveling from Florida to Los Angeles seven times to accomplish these tasks, totaling over 30,000 miles of travel. (That is more than going around the ENTIRE WORLD!)
  • Finding local monitoring clinics in Florida and OB doctors willing to work with this specific case alongside the L.A. doctors.

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Watch the video of these two dads bringing home their adorable son. 

Posted by Jordan Letschert

Jordan Letschert is married, a father thru surrogacy, former Police Officer and an LGBT advocate both socially and in the courts as an Amicus Curie in the Supreme Court of the United States.


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