Jason and Zack, On the Road to Adoption

Tell us about your preferred path to parenthood. Adoption was the best choice for us to become a family (financially) and felt like we wanted to help a child who needed a home. We feel we will become foster parents down the line. I've always wanted to be a dad. I lost my father at the age of 16 and he taught me more in those 16 years than I could ever imagine. My husband never thought he would be a dad, just due to the social issues of gays adopting when he was younger, so it wasn't in his plan. But after meeting me, he can not wait to have a child and was the one that suggested we start the process.

Have you found enough information about your preferred path to parenthood? We definitely needed to do some research about adoption before we started working with an organization, which I will admit was a bit overwhelming. We have been extremely lucky with an supportive family. We have a great support group that is excited for us to become fathers.

What do you think is your biggest obstacle to becoming a dad? You know, I honestly haven't thought about the obstacles. As a couple, we try and tackle the problems that come our way the best we can.

What steps have you taken towards becoming a dad? We have started the process with a organization in our town (Chicago) and gone to classes. The Home Study process is a long one, thats for sure.

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What fears or concerns do you have about becoming a dad? Does your sexuality/gender identity play into those fears? I think anyone that becomes a parent, has the fear of making mistakes. Am I doing this right, is a constant question I'm sure we will ask ourselves. I know that some in society won't agree with us become fathers and thats a fear that I will have throughout the first few months of being a day. We are extremely lucky to have a very supportive family that are so excited for us to have a baby.

What most excites you about becoming a dad? Oh wow...Everything! Family vacations. Christmas. Going to school. Even the little things (talking for the first time, walking, etc.). So..everything?

How soon do you hope to start your family? Once we get through our home study process. Can not wait!!

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