James and Andrew Can't Wait to Become a Forever Family

In October this year, James and Andrew took their eldest Olivia (Liv for short) to Disney World for her 2nd birthday.

"We were going to wait under her adoption day," said James, "But she has a real affinity for Winnie the Poo and Belle from Beauty and the Beast ... She loved it!"

Andrew and James have been together a little over 10 years, and they currently are fostering two children, 2-year-old Liv and 5-month-old Brandon (Bran for short).

"We have always wanted to be dads from the moment we met," said James, who was also adopted through foster-care. "That is how I was adopted and it seemed to be the best fit for our family."

The dads experienced some ups and down during the waiting period as it took almost 2 years before they got the call. Liv was nearly 6 months old when she made Andrew and James a family of three. For Bran, it was a complete surprise.

"We had talked about having another kid but hadn't actually started the process," explained James. "I was coming back home from Florida and when I arrived I got the second best call of our lives!"

Bran had been born a few days earlier in North Jersey so they drove up to meet him.

The adoption dates are set for December and January, and the family is looking to be "official" early in the New Year.

"[It] can't come soon enough!" said James. "They have been our children since day one but it will be so nice to have it all legally finalized on paper!"

The "Fab Four" plan to celebrate with their closest friends and family.

"Sometimes it still doesn't feel real that we are lucky enough to be these two little ones' dads."

We can't wait to share this family's news in the New Year!

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