Is Your Child a Status Symbol, Social Experiment, or Tool of the Gay Agenda?

There have been accusations that gay parents having children is some horrible social experiment, or that these kids are being indoctrinated into the mythical Gay Agenda. Others have charged that the parents view their children as ‘fashion accessories’ or ‘status symbols’.

That gay men and lesbians might actually have an inner drive to have kids, just like billions of other people, doesn’t seem to cross the minds of many in the anti-gay population. After all, whether one believes in God or nature it’s a given that only one man and one woman can create a child. So wanting a child is directly connected to one’s ability to procreate with-in the confines of a loving, committed, opposite sex relationship, right?

Of course not. Time and time again history has blown apart the assumption that sexual desire, emotional attachment between two individuals, and the ability to procreate are all inextricably linked to wanting children. Heterosexual strangers can conceive a child during one anonymous sexual encounter, so love and commitment aren’t required. And plenty of straight people love to have sex but balk at the idea of having children, so clearly sexual desire is separate from the urge to have children.

Meanwhile there are plenty of heterosexuals who are infertile and agonize over the thought of never having their own biological children. Yet they will willingly adopt and raise children born to others, so the parental urge is independent of biological connections.

If this is all taken for granted among heterosexuals, why would it be difficult to grasp that it’s the same for LGBTs? Considering the often Herculean efforts required for gay couples and individuals to have children, whether biologically or through adoption, it’s absurd to think our kids are viewed as nothing but status symbols. Whether gay or straight, and whether our kids are adopted or ours biologically, we are all raising and loving them the same.

So what is so “socially experimental” about our families? Take away the artificial controversy created by uptight anti-gay forces, and the unnecessary burdens they heap upon us, what is the difference between our families and those of opposite-sex parents?

Nothing of course.

However, for as long as our antagonists insist upon creating drama where there doesn’t need to be, then our families will be different. We need to cope with ridiculous external pressures that heterosexual families don’t have to deal with. For example, I’ve just written almost 500 words defending the existence of my family and the very humanity of individuals like myself. How many parents have to waste their time on such nonsense?

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