Is Gay Dad Frank Emanuele Ready For Son No. 2?

We are one week away from the due date of our second son. Realizing how quickly this date is approaching, I find myself zipping around at work trying to tie up loose ends. Co-workers are chatting with me, asking if I’ll be taking parental leave again (which I will) and asking if we’re ready.

Ready? I suppose so. But are we?

It’s very different this second time around. Life is much busier now with our energetic and playful 2-year-old son. We find ourselves a bit relieved that No. 2 is also a boy since we won’t need to buy clothes or redo the nursery. There seems to be less anticipation, less excitement, less worrying this time around.

When waiting for our first child, I spent hours agonizing over every detail in the nursery. I spent many sleepless nights going over hundreds of infant care scenarios. I went to bookstores and baby stores buying far more than we needed. We had baby showers, furniture to assemble, rooms to rearrange, bottles to sterilize, and diapers and formula to stock up on. We’d sit at the dinner table, talk about our future and get carried away in delightful daydreams about our soon-to-be family life. I guess we had a lot more time then.

But not this time around.

We are definitely not as anxious or worried. We’re not consumed over the little details or the big life change. There’s nothing to assemble, not much to rearrange. We know we have lots of time after baby arrives to re-proof the house and stock up on supplies. We have more than enough bottles, clothes, blankets and books. Sometimes we freak out a bit thinking of yet another little person running around the house. But then we’re comforted looking back at how easily we adapted to Luca and how parenting came very naturally to both of us. There aren’t as many unknowns this time and we’re a bit more confident than we were two years ago.

If anything, most of our preparation has been around our son. We’ve been preparing Luca for his baby brother who is coming home soon. He’s already in his big-boy bed and understands that baby will be sleeping in his old bed. We seize any opportunity to be around other babies to learn about gentleness and affection. We talk a lot about sharing and playing with baby brother. And we’re talking about strategies to ensure Luca doesn’t feel left out when attentions shift to the newcomer.

Maybe that’s what “ready” means for us. Knowing that we can’t predict what life will be with a second child but also feeling confident enough to know that we’re going to be okay no matter what. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on this – one of the nice perks with this blog – I do feel ready and I can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family. Wish us luck!

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