Congratulations to these new Dads, April 2021

"I Never Thought This Dream Would Come True": Congrats to These Queer Dads!

Each and every month, the ranks of queer dads within the LGBTQ community grows โ€” and we welcome them with open arms. Help us congratulate all the gay, bi and trans men who became dads or whose families recently grew! 

Matt and Javier, Manhattan, New York


Matt and Javier began their surrogacy journey five years ago. The couple lives in Manhattan and are prepared to welcome their bundle of joy this coming July.

As a mixed-race couple, the dads wanted their family to reflect diversity, and they chose a Black egg donor. They also worked with Family Inceptions, one of the only Black-owned surrogacy agencies in the US.

Thanks to Donor Concierge, they found a great donor and Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut made the retrieval and fertilization processes smooth. The amazing surrogate helped make their family a reality. She was their fourth, after the first three didn't work out for different reasons, so it took them over three years to connect with her! 

Dogs George and Woodrow look forward to meeting the little human they keep hearing about.

Kevin, Los Angeles, California


This past February, new dad Kevin welcomed a baby boy into his life through foster care! Together, they live in Los Angeles, California. He says that so far, itโ€™s been one of the most difficult and amazing things heโ€™s ever experienced.

When he began thinking about which path to parenthood would be best for him as a single gay man, he figured other single LGBTQ+ individuals who have fostered children would have documented their journeys online.

But when he started his research on YouTube, he found very few. So he's hoping to change that. (Our single gay dad Facebook group is a good place to start!)

Bennett and Malik, Los Angeles, California


Dads Bennett and Malik live in Los Angeles with their newborn son. Bennett, a trans man, carried the pregnancy. 

Bennett affectionately calls himself the "seahorse dad," who said he carried his own child because of the increased visibility of other trans men who carried their own babies. He says they led the way for him. 

โ€œIโ€™d seen more visibility among trans men who carried children, so it didn't seem like such a strange concept to me,โ€ he said. โ€œEarlier in my transition I didn't have that sort of visibility, so it wasn't something that entered my mind.โ€โ โ 
โ โ 
โ€œI had always wanted kids, but I assumed I'd adopt, or have them some other way,โ€ he said.โ โ  Read our full profile of Dads Bennett and Malik here!

Robbie and Mackenzy, Westchester, New Jersey


Robbie and Mackenzy became new dads through surrogacy last November. The dads are from New York City, but recently relocated to Westchester for a more serene start to family life. 

It was in the early days of the pandemic that the dads did their embryo transfer. Mackenzy, a nurse manager at Mt. Sinai Hospital, quickly became consumed with rising cases of COVID-19.

Then, they got a text message which offered a bright spot amidst the chaos. "Our surrogate, Angela, surprised us with an early pregnancy test that indicated she was pregnant!" Robbie said.

Read Robbie and Mackenzy's full journey to fatherhood here!

Andrew and Dan, Portland, Oregon


Congrats to dads Andrew and Dan who finalized the adoption of their two sons in early February.

Andrew shared, "Some of my brothers and sisters were adopted and I always felt like that was my path to parenthood. After researching different types of adoption, we decided to adopt from foster care." โ โ 
โ โ 
The couple initially planned to adopt a 5-year-old. At the advice of their clinician, they decided to choose a range, 5-10 years, but they were flexible. โ โ 
โ โ 
"When we learned about Daniel and Derek they were 8 and 12; by the time the adoption committee met, Daniel had a birthday and all of the sudden we had a teenager! Derek is now 9 and Daniel just had his 14th birthday." 

David, United Kingdom


David is one of the first single men in Britain to have a baby via surrogacy since the U.K.โ€™s adoption laws changed in 2019 to allow single people to sign parental orders. As soon as they did, David jumped right in and signed up with a British non-profit surrogacy organization.

When Miles was born in summer 2020, David was able to be in the birthing pool, ready to usher his son into the world.

โ€œTo other single gay guys in Britain, you can totally do it,โ€ David said. โ€œItโ€™s really possible now. If you feel like you need to be a dad, that's the best voice you can listen toโ€ฆ. If youโ€™ve got this real need, thatโ€™s a valid need. Itโ€™s valid for you as a man to want a kid."

Read more about David's journey here!

Ricardo and Wilinger, Bogotรก, Colombia

New dads Ricardo and Wilinger live in Bogotรก, Colombia. The pair, originally from Venezuela, recently became fathers through surrogacy 
โ โ 
"So far, he's only one-and-a-half months old. The most surprising thing is that I NEVER thought this dream would come true!" โ โ 
โ โ 
The dads want to mention everyone who's helped them on their journey. "They have all been special, and we have enjoyed them to the fullest!" 

Jason and Jay, Darnestown, Maryland


New dads Jason and Jay recently welcomed their son through surrogacy!

"Our son has become the center of our universe! Taking priority over everything else. We knew that was going to happen, but it's amazing how some things are now so trivial compared to before we were dads."

Jason and Jay shared that their love for each other has also grown stronger: "Especially while watching the other care for our son."

"We love social media accounts that share pictures of gay families to help show the world that gays can also have strong loving families. Pictures of gay families were an inspiration for us during our surrogacy journey. Seeing is believing. We hope to start a sibling journey as soon as feasible! 

Eran and Mike, New Haven, Connecticut


Dads and husbands Eran and Mike recently welcomed their second child Yael on April 13th through surrogacy!  He'll join big sister Ariel who will be 3 years old in June. The growing family lives in New Haven, CT. 

"Our favorite thing about fatherhood is the endless amount of love you have for your kids! You'll do anything for them!" ๐Ÿ™Œ

Congrats to these beautiful families!

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