How These 'Real Modern Dads' Plan to Celebrate Christmas This Year

When Brent and I were young, the holidays were important to both of us. The Holidays were a time for family and we spent a great deal of time enjoying the company of our extended families. Some of my fondest memories are eating a lasagna dinner on a cold New York Christmas Eve night and Brent's would be a Cajun/Italian inspired Christmas feast with a game of Rummy 500 to end the night. We both look at our childhood memories with fondness and want to create memories and traditions for Sawyer.

Our holiday season starts out by getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house. We play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate as we decorate and get into the spirt. Sawyer helped this year by putting every ornament at the bottom of the Christmas tree (he could not reach any higher). Brent had to re-decorate the tree to ensure the ornaments were evenly spaced, but to see him excited at his accomplishment warmed our hearts. We put up reindeer in the yard and lights on the porches and make the house festive for the holidays. Once Santa (Sawyer calls him "Ho Ho") arrives in our neighborhood square, we make a family trip to see him. Sawyer ran to Santa, gave him a big hug and sat on his lap. Sawyer told Santa that he wanted toys for Christmas and smiled like a champ for the camera. This year Santa sent us our very own elf that Sawyer named Chris (short for Christmas) to watch over Sawyer and report if Sawyer should be on the nice or naughty list. Chris has already landed in so many odd places throughout the house and it is a joy to see Sawyer look for Chris every morning. We have found Chris taking a marshmallow bath, toilet papering the Christmas tree, eating some fruit just to name few. We will also be baking and decorating cookies in a variety of shapes (Christmas trees, reindeer, snowman, etc.). These are just a few of the many memories I hope Sawyer will cherish leading up to Christmas.

This year, we will have both families together to visit. It is difficult to get everyone together because members of our family have moved all over the country and have their own families, but are excited when we can coordinate schedules. Brent and I cannot wait to see Sawyer's face Christmas morning as he discovers Santa visited and left presents for everyone. After opening presents, we will play for a while; eat some breakfast and start cooking a big dinner for the afternoon. After eating, we will play games, watch a Christmas Story, chat, and I have a feeling Santa will visit again. (Sawyer's Paw Paw started dressing up like Santa for Sawyer's first Christmas and stops in to drop off a few presents he forgot on the first trip.)

We love the family we have, the family we have created and the memories we are making. We hope these traditions continue through the years.

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