How Fatherhood Changes You

Recently Johnson’s Baby introduced a new commercial called “Discovering the Joy of Fatherhood’s #LittleWonders.” According to Johnson’s Baby, “Becoming a father will change your life and take you on the greatest journey you’ve ever been on. Parenting is full of life’s Little Wonders; from the time you’re an expectant father to the time you’re a grandfather, the special moments between you and your kids never stop.”

We’re happy to report that among the happy new dads included in the commercial we spotted a gay dad couple! (Go to the 0:16 sec. point approximately.)

What would you share (with the younger generation of gay men) about how fatherhood has affected your life to inspire them to consider fatherhood?

Bretton and Johnny: That no matter how far away or impossible it may feel to becoming a Dad, there is always a way. To not dismiss the thought if it's something that is calling you, there are many places to go for answers and people that are eager to help you start down your path to fatherhood. It's important that we continue showing the world that we are all the same.

Cédric: Fatherhood has been another level of happiness for me. I was very happy with my husband and I'm now even happier with Théo in our lives.

Bretton (left) and Johnny with Kai. Photo credit: Jonathan Downey

In what way(s) has your experience coming out influence how you plan to raise your child?

Brian: It's taught us that we want our son to feel that there isn't anything he should be afraid of talking to us about, we have been there since day one as his parents and safe place - we never want that sense of safety to change for him.

Bretton and Johnny: It's taught us that we want our son to feel that there isn't anything he should be afraid of talking to us about, we have been there since day one as his parents and safe place - we never want that sense of safety to change for him.

How have things changed for you since becoming a dad?

Bretton and Johnny: Our whole lives have changed in the most incredible way, we get to wake up to each new day seeing a giant smile on our son's face, hearing his giggle, watching him learn and grow. It's more than we ever expected, the late nights out with friends, and last minute trips to the movie theater's are pretty much non existent but we wouldn't want it any other way. He is our number one.

Brian: My priorities! I use to stay at work as necessary to finish things up but now I rush home as soon as I can so I can take  my two-year-old on a walk before the sun goes down.

Brian (left) with Tyler and Mike with Aiden

What has surprised you the most about fatherhood?

Cédric: Fatherhood is an amazing feeling inside.A weird connection with your baby, when you hold him against your chest and you feel that your hearts beat at the same rhythm, that time stops, that space is no longer around. I knew I had a lot of love to give to a baby. But I was surprised about this level of connection between us.

Bretton and Johnny: The emotions we went though during our adoption, and the moments we had with our amazing birth mother and adoption agency. Also, the moments when your hands are full and you don't know how to juggle it all, but you just figure it out, it's truly amazing. Lastly, that we could have so much love for our son - there isn't a thing we wouldn't do for him.

How do you see the world differently now that you have a baby?

Cédric: I understand now what my parents felt for us, wanting to protect us and worrying about every little thing to make sure we're good.

Brian: My heart aches so much more now every time I hear about a child being mistreated. I superimpose every children experience I see onto my own kids. "Oh, when will they do that?!" Or “OMG, I hope we never have to experience that kind of sadness with our kids."

Cédric (left) and Ricky with Théo

What are the most important life lesson(s) you want to pass on to your child?

Bretton and Johnny: To be authentic and never be afraid of who you are or where you came from, love yourself from head to toe, treat others with kindness, understanding and appreciate the little things.

Brian: You control your own fate and destiny. Do not blame others for how you feel. Every challenge in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. Be kind to others even if they are not kind to you. The person that needs to love you the most is you (but the person that really loves you the most is your dad :).

Answers have been occasionally modified for clarity. 

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