How Did You Celebrate Your Adoption? Send Your Tips!

Brian Hatfield and Steve Zeidman recently welcomed a son into their family. Before they knew it, happy hours and spontaneous weekend getaways were replaced with bedtime stories and summer camp selection.

"We wouldn't trade it for the world!" Brian says.
The young family has just received some amazing news: a court date to finalize their adoption. The couple is thrilled, but looking for ways to celebrate.
"I don't count creativity as one of my strong suits," Brian wrote to us, who is the Chair of Project Jigsaw, a grassroots campaign helping to connect Arizona children in foster care to loving families, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. "So I thought I might enlist some help! Have you heard of any special ways others families celebrate?"
So have at it, hive-mind! How did you celebrate the finalization of your adoption? Did you do anything special? Leave your tips for Brian in the comments!  We'll compile our favorite suggestions for a future post.
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