Happy Father’s Day, Norm!

After a long day at work, I walk in the door to complete chaos. There was the normal whirlwind of toys, flashcards, baby spoons and shoes that now permanently decorate our floors. Then I see evidence of a recent toddler feeding. I can tell it was somewhat successful from the sprinkle of crumbs, the variety of dirty eating utensils, and the remarkable red smear on the sliding door to the backyard. Ah yes, it’s chili night!

Is it too late for me to back up out the door and drive to the neighbor’s house for a beer?

“DA DA!!”

Yup, too late.

A halfling peeks out from the corner, his baby blue eyes lit up, cherry cheek grin, face full of snot, chili, and what I hope is a half-eaten blueberry. This glorious mess comes toddling over to me, arms wide-open, sticky bib still on. It was too late to find the right angle to avoid becoming part of this gooey ordeal so I took a deep breath and embraced the oncoming train.

The kisses and snuggles totally made up for my ruined shirt. As is normal for our son, these tender moments are remarkably quick because there is so much more to do… so off he was to his next mini-adventure. I let out a heavy sigh, my long day at work slowly sliding off my shoulders and as I look up, there is my husband with a matching chili stain on his shirt leaning in to kiss me hello.

We looked at each other, at the glorious sight that is our home, and had a good chuckle. My husband Norm looks at me and says, “I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love you now more than ever.”

It was as if he took the words right out of my mouth.

The last two years have whirled by us. Perhaps I’ve taken for granted how amazing he is. We get so caught up in our day-to-day routines that we sometimes forget to be thankful for the person right next to us. So this Father’s Day I would like to take the time to honor to my incredible husband Norm.

When sickness and exhaustion rule the house, he doesn’t care about who was up last or who had the most sleep. He just gets up and does what needs to be done.

When he gets home before me and it’s my turn to make dinner, he gets it started without the slightest reproach.

When I get the car all packed up for a weekend at grandma’s and realize on the road that I forgot to a pack something as obvious as extra diapers, he’ll calmly say, without too much gloating, that he grabbed some on the way out the door.

When I get alarmed at how quiet the house is and I know our son is up to no good, I am relieved to find both Papa and Luca in their blanket fort snuggling and playing with a light-up toy.

After an argument where I was clearly in the wrong but not ready to admit it, he will usually give me the space I need and not belittle me into an apology.

When we are both frustrated with an inconsolable child, and I’m ready to pounce at another one of his stupid suggestions, he is able to remind me that we’re both upset and we need to be calm in order to help our son.

And, when I walk in the door after a crazy day at work, dreading the exhausting toddler feeding, I see it’s already been done, messy husband in view, who only has sweet words for me. It’s no wonder that I am still falling more and more in love with this man!

Thank you, Norm for being a devoted and passionate Papa and for being a kind and understanding husband. Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Frank Emanuele

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