31 Gay Dad Halloween Ensembles Sure to Thrill

BOOOOOOOO to you from the GWK crew!

Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you! But it is almost October, so you know what that means: time to get yourself spooked into the Halloween spirit!

Need a bit of help figuring out your Squad Ghouls this year? There are 31 treats below (pics of gay dads and their kids decked out in their best disguises!) that are sure to do the trick.

And if these Hallow-queens get your creative juices curdling — you're in luck! We've also provided links where you can purchase similar finery for your family. 

And once you've got your garbs all set up, be sure to submit your family photos to our annual GWK Family Costume Competition. (Check it out here!)

Sick of the Halloween puns yet? Hold on to your (witches') hat folks, we're just getting warmed up... (


Manny and Paul, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This Florida family will have people saying "It's-a me, Mario!" all night with their Bowser, Yoshi, Mario and Princess Peach ensemble!


Looking for something similar?

Kids: Time to level up your Halloween costumes with these Princess Peach and Mario Children's Costumes.

Dads: Dress up as the most iconic video game villain with this Adult Bowser Costume or everyone's favorite green dinosaur with a Yoshi costume.


Brian and Cade, Minneapolis, Minnesota
They say dads are like superheroes... and we agree! This family is sending out the bat signal as Batman, Robin and the Riddler


Looking for something similar?

Kids: What's green and cute with question marks all over? This children's Riddler costume that is perfect for your little trouble maker.

Dads: Channel your inner Bruce Wayne with this Adult Batman Costume and you can't forget about your boyfriend in crime Robin.

John and Steve, Brooklyn, New York
Who ya gonna call? These awesome Ghostbusters and Stay-Puft Marshmallow outfits!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Dress up as everyone's favorite sugary monster with a  children's Stay Puft Marshmallow costume.

Dads: If you're a dad who's ain't afraid of no ghosts, you have to check out this adult Ghostbuster costume.

Gilles and Gal, San Francisco, California
This family should be phoning home to show off their awesome E.T. outfits!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Check out the out-of-this-world Children's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Costume.

Dads: Get Elliott's iconic red zip-up hoodie

Marcus and John with their twins, California 
This family grabbed a Golden Ticket ensemble as Willy Wonka, Violet Beauregard, and matching Oompa-Loompa outfits

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Get the costume that will have you singing 🎶 Oompa Loompa Doop-a-Dee Doo 🎶 all night long!

Dads: Get the iconic "Violet you're turning violet" Velour Sweat-suit or channel your inner candy man with a Willy Wonka Men's Costume.

Michael and Nathan, Ottawa, Canada
Serving up some sweetness with this Starbucks trio, complete with a Baby-cino!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Dress your little cup of sunshine in this adorable coffee cup costume.

Dads: We like this costume "a-latte" replicate this look with an iconic green apron.

Will and Chris, Austin, Texas
Check out this Pot o'Gold rainbow team costume with the world's cutest

Looking for something similar?

Kids: You don't need luck when you look this cute in a little leprechaun costume.

Pets: Get the pooches involved with these fabulous rainbow costumes. 

Jeremy and Christopher, Mason, Ohio 
It's no wonder the X-Men are also known as 'homo superior' with this matching garb


Looking for something similar?

Kids: Save the day with this crime-fighting Wolverine costume.

Rene and Robert, Florida
 Cooking up some Halloween cuteness with this Ratatouille-inspired mouse-fit 


Looking for something similar?

Kids: This adorable mouse costume will have you squeaking with excitement!

Dads: Spice up your costume this year with this chef's kit.

Roberto and Joe, Winter Garden, Florida
 Playing Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb with their very own Queen of Hearts and Alice


Looking for something similar?

Kids: Don't fall down a costume rabbit hole! Check out these precious Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts costumes.

Dads: We promise you won't look "tweedle-dum" in these hilarious costumes!

Nick and Nathan, Detroit, Michigan
Yum Yum! Why not take a crack at some baby lobster this Halloween?! 

Looking for something similar?

Kids: We found a lobster costume we're 'shell' you'll like!

Dads: Channel your inner culinary artist with this sizzling-hot chef's outfit.

Christopher and Mike, Berea, Ohio
The perfect Princess and the Frog costumes for those hazy New Orleans nights 


Looking for something similar?

Kids: For the little princess in your family we have the perfect Tiana costume. And for the little tadpole in your life check out this toad-ly ribbiting children's frog costume.

Dads: Life on the bayou ain't easy, but looking good this Halloween is with this alligator adult onesie and witch doctor costume.

Dennis and Daniel, Miami, Florida
  Freshly picked from the pumpkin patch, these matching harvest baby outfits are as sweet as pumpkin pie.

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Give em' pumpkin to talk about with these gourd-geous pumpkin costumes.

Dads: We can't guarantee you'll win a costume contest but we are sure you'll be outstanding in your field with this scarecrow costume! 

Adam and Eric, Valparaiso, Indiana
This family looks like they're Straight Outta Coffin with these Addams Family costumes!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Although Halloween is on a Sunday you can still dress up as Wednesday with this costume.

Dads: This Uncle Fester costume will surely have everybody shocked!

Mitch and Shawn, Montreal, Canada
 This one is for all you Cool Cats and Kittens out there who just love 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic, and his mortal enemy Carole Baskin

Looking for something similar?

Kids: We found the most purr-fect leopard costume for your little cub!

Dads: Check out this Joe Exotic costume that will have everyone howling! And what is a Tiger King without a tiger!

Richard and Carlos, Orlando, Florida
 You better bring the moves if you're wearing these matching Run DMC outfits!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: You don't need a platinum album to look fly in a matching tracksuit.

Dads: It's tricky finding a good Halloween costume, why not rock the iconic Adidas tracksuit

Heath and Carlos, Los Angeles, California
If you prefer the old-school Tiger Kings, consider this Sigfried and Roy ensemble   

Looking for something similar?

Kids: You don't need to be ze-brave to wear this adorable zebra onesie.

Dads: This zebra shirt is magical!

Jack and Paul, Los Angeles, California
 This family has everyone saying 'Ew David!' in their amazing Schitt's Creek kids line

Looking for something similar?

Dads: Support your favorite general store, but very specific store with this Rose Apothocary sweatshirt.

Joe and Izcadner, Raleigh, North Carolina
 Your home might already feel like a zoo with three little ones, why not dress them up to match in these baby elephant, lion and giraffe outfits!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Lions and Elephants and Giraffes... oh my!

Dads: Be the king of the jungle with these gorilla and tiger onesies.

Mike and Chris New York, New York
Out here lookin' like a whole Scooby-Snacc in this Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby getup

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Zoinks! We've found the coolest scooby-doo costume!

Dads: Get the Mystery Machine fired up because we are about to solve the mystery of what to dress up as this Halloween! Go as Daphne or Velma this year.

Nic and Tim, Brisbane, Australia 
  Dragon-slay all day in these knight and dragon suits

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Fly high with this adorable dragon onesie.

Dads: Here is the perfect costume for your knight in shining armor.

Derek and Arin, Phoenix, Arizona
This family looks out of this world in these spacemen and alien costumes!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Ground control to Major Tom, we've just found the coolest astronaut costumes!

Dads: We have spotted a U.F.O. an Unbelievably Fabulous Outfit! Check out this intergalactic alien onesie.

Chris and Taiwan, Atlanta, Georgia
Conquering the world with these Akatsuki costumes from Naruto.

Looking for something similar?

Join forces wearing these iconic robes for both dads and kids!

Ruben and his son, San Antonio, Texas
You could get a fine for looking this good in a SWAT outfit

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Sneak around with this hilarious children's robber costume.

Dads: To protect and serve... looks! With this SWAT Halloween costume!

Elwood and Kedan, Honolulu, Hawaii
Get ready to click your heels three times in these gorgeous outfits!
 You too could Represent the Lollipop Guild in this fabulous Good Witch, Bad Witch and Munchkin getup
Daniel and Rory, Sydney, Australia
Tell me more, Tell me more about these matching Grease costumes!

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Get ready for the sock-hop with this iconic Grease costume.

Dads: It's time to shape up! Channel your inner Sandy or Danny this Halloween.

Luis and José, Gainesville, Florida
It's time for a fresh foot-long with these family Subway costumes

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Look like a full snack with this sandwich costume.

Dads: Order up! Looks aren't the only thing you'll be serving with this costume!

Daniel and Paul, Brighton, U.K.
 For all those who simply worship fur, check out these matching Dalmatian and Cruella DeVille costumes

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Dress up as everyone's favorite fur-lover Cruella DeVille or as a paw-some Dalmatian.

Dan and Anthony, Staten Island, New York
 Look magnificent in this Maleficent costume, with a prince and princess to boot

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Don't sleep on living your princess fantasy, dress up as Princess Aurora this year!

Dads: Have your friends enchanted by a Maleficent costume this year or live out your own fairytale with a dashing prince costume.

Steven and Hector, Rahway, New Jersey
  Float up, up and away in these adorable costumes of Carl, Russel and Dug

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Choosing a costume can be ruff, go as man's best friend with this adorable dog costume for your little pup.

Dads: You're never too old for adventure so strap on your suspenders and grab your sash because "the wilderness must be explored"!

Chad and Jason, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Catch your very own busy-buzzy-bugs in these bug-catcher and flower costumes

Looking for something similar?

Kids: Be the buzz of the town in this lovely ladybug costume!

Dads: Be the sunshine in October with a sunflower headdress or dress up as quite the catch with a sporty outdoor vest.


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