#GWKThenAndNow: Patricio and Mirco with Their Triplets

Patricio, 31, is from Otisfield, Maine; Mirco, 48, is from Ferrara, Italy. They have been together for 10 years, six of which as a legally married couple in Spain. In 2014, Patricio and Mirco became Daddy and Papi to triplets: a little girl they named Noa and two little boys they called Naim and Gael, born with the help of Jasmine, an American surrogate from Boston, Massachusetts. Patricio and Mirco met by chance in June of 2005 during Gay Pride weekend in Boston where they hit it off immediately. Currently this busy family of five calls Madrid, Spain, and Ferrara, Italy, home.

Naples, Italy 2007: Mirco and Patricio, with their friend Mauro (on the left)

Patricio and Mirco were married a month after their fourth anniversary and two days before Patricio’s birthday.

October 21, 2009: Mirco and Patricio's wedding day in Getafe (Madrid), Spain

2010: Milos, Greece

Patricio, being the oldest of a large family of seven children, knew he wanted to be a dad since he was a teenager and talked about dreams of fatherhood with Mirco shortly after becoming a couple. Marco, however, being older and from a country where gay parenting is often considered a pipe dream, needed time to think. But after many deep conversations with Patricio and close friends, Mirco came to the realization that he too wanted to be a father.

Madrid 2012: Mirco and Patricio about to attack Chinese sweet cakes.

After moving to Madrid, Patricio and Mirco began the process of becoming parents. It took six long years of complications, setbacks, and nearly giving up hope with IVF, to finally become parents to three healthy babies on September 29, 2014, in Boston via their surrogate (and now close friend) Jasmine.

Boston, September 30, 2014: Patricio holding his son Naim for the first time

Proud Papi Mirco kangarooing with their daughter Noa and their son Gael

Mirco and Patricio's babies with their surrogate Jasmine

Ferrara, Italy January 2015. Photo credit: Sergio Bertolini

Now that the little ones have learned to run and climb, Patricio’s and Mirco’s days are filled with non-stop action. Nevertheless, they are sure always to make ample time for every child. The dads, both teachers, never expected to learn so much about love, kindness and patience from their 15-month-old triplets.

Ferrara, Italy 2015: 10 years and three children later

May 2015: Madrid, Spain

Madrid, September 2015: Grocery shopping is always an interesting experience with curious triplets.


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