#GWKThenAndNow: Ed and Norman With Their Kids, Maddy and Tim

Ed and Norman have been together since 1982 making that an impressive total of 33 years! They began their family in 1994 with Maddy and expanded it in 1997 with Timothy who are now 21 and 18, respectively. Both Ed and Norman are educators. Today we take a trip down memory lane with this Sacramento, California, family, starting way, way back in 1982.

1982: Flashback to college days for Norman (above) and Ed

1999: Family photo

2006: First day of school for Maddy and Timothy

2011: Family vacation in Spain

2012: Enjoying the autumnal colors in Ashland, Ore.

2014: Sacramento's Fun Run

July, 2015: Ed (l), Norman, Maddy and Timothy. Photo credit: Mark Long at Eleakis & Elder

Thanks for sharing your #GWKThenAndNow photos with us Ed and Norman!

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