#GWKThenAndNow: Dell, Robert and Heiress

Dell and Robert’s story is a modern fairy tale. They met online through the once popular AOL chat room, and after chatting for a couple of days they decided to meet on Tuesday September 28, 2004, at the local mall. Dell remembers just how quickly they fell in love after first seeing each other. The next day they talked on the phone, and on Friday Dell met Robert's family. By Saturday, October 2, just five days after meeting, Robert and Dell were officially a couple.

2005: Robert (left) and Dell, celebrating Robert's 21st birthday

2008: Dell and Robert pose on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2008

After four years together Robert and Dell received a phone call from Robert’s mother, and she told them she was ready to be a grandmother. She said she didn’t know how or what they had to do, but she wanted a grandchild! Both Robert and Dell were initially caught off guard by the call, even though they had always envisioned kids in their future.

April 2008: Dell holding Heiress shortly after her birth

Dell holding Heiress during the family photo shoot, 2008

At the start of their relationship they had several talks and discussions about expanding their family, and having kids had always been a mutual desire. They decided to create a family via surrogacy. In 2008 they welcomed a baby girl, Heiress, into their family. They’re thinking that perhaps they will try to expand their family once more with one more child at some point.

From left to right: Robert, Dell and Heiress

2010: Family photo

Dell and Robert try to teach their daughter about the true meaning of love, that love has no gender, no color, and no sexual orientation. Love is simply LOVE, without all of the stipulations.

2015: Dell and Robert (photo credit: Amanda Beyer Photography)

Robert with Heiress (photo credit: Amanda Beyer Photography)

To Robert and Dell, one of the greatest things about being parents is hearing their daughter say “Poppo (Robert), Daddy (Dell), you’re the best."  Both dads agree that the toughest part of fatherhood is watching their baby girl grow into a little lady so quickly!

Dell, Heiress and Robert (photo credit: Amanda Beyer Photography)

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