#GWKThenAndNow: Darrin, Sandy and Their Five Kids

This week's #GWKThenAndNow is Darrin and Sandy with their five beautiful kids: Wolfgang, Michaela, Reichen, Sophie and Ava.

Sandy and Darrin met in 1986 at a theater festival in Newfoundland, Canada, when they were both 21 years old. Darrin was a choreographer/dancer and Sandy was an actor/singer. It was love at first sight, and they soon moved to Toronto together where they spent many happy years.

Sandy (l) and Darrin (1986)

Darrin (l) and Sandy (1996)

In 2000 they decided to start their family; one year later they adopted Wolfgang.

Darrin and Sandy with Wolfgang (2001)

Sandy cutting Wolfgang’s hair (2001)

After they married in 2003, they kept expanding their family and by 2006 they had become fathers of three more kids: Reichen, Michaela and Sophie.

Sandy and Darrin with Wolfgang on their wedding day, June 20, 2003

From left to right: Wolfgang, Michaela, Sandy, Darrin, Sophie and Reichen (2006)

About a year after they relocated (for Sandy’s job) to Halifax in 2007, they received a call about a little girl, Sophie’s biological sibling, who was waiting for a forever home. Would they like to expand their family again? Without any hesitation they said yes and welcomed Ava into their family.

Family photo in Halifax (2007)

The family with the newest addition, baby Ava (2009)

They've been out of diapers for five years now, and their eldest Wolfgang is in high school and well into his teens. They’ve had an incredible journey and are a close-knit, loving family who spend tons of time together. While the dads are the first to say that it gets loud and crazy, they wouldn’t change a thing!

From left to right: Sandy, Wolfgang, Michaela, Sophie, Ava, Darrin and Reichen (2014)

From left to right: Reichen, Sophie, Sandy, Ava, Michaela and Wolfgang near Niagara Falls (2015)

Darrin and Sandy near Niagara Falls (2015)

Ava, Darrin and Reichen (2015)

A Carter-Kaiser family portrait. From left to right: Reichen, Darrin, Sophie, Wolfgang, Ava, Sandy and Michaela (2015)

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