Gay Dad Halloween Costumes

It's BAAACCCKK! GWK's Annual Halloween Costume Competition

Never fear, Gay Christmas is here! And you know what that means... We're literally thrilled to DEATH to announce our annual Halloween Costume Competition is back for the third year in a row!

Details to enter are below. Please also put your claws together and give a wicked welcome to our panel of judges, listed below as well, who will help us determine this year's winner and runners-up. 

The prizes are...*drum roll please*

  • For 1st place overall as selected by our judges: $500 cash prize
  • Best DIY / most creative costume ensemble* as selected by judges: $250 cash prize
  • One runner-up as voted by our community: $250 cash prize

*If you created 50% or more of all of your family's costumes then let us know when you submit your entry.

2020 winners: Daddy Roel and Papi Jorge, Mission, Texas

2021 Competition Information

Submissions must be sent to by October 31 midnight PST, along with dads' first names, Instagram handle (if you're on Instagram), and the city/state or country where you live.

GWK's competition will be judged on November 1st, and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 2nd via Instagram and Facebook. Winners will also be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize.

All submitted photos or videos will be included in our Halloween Gay Dad Family 2021 roundup 🙌✨👻 Our favorite photo essay of the year!

The runner-up family will be selected via a voting page (featuring 21 families) that will be set up on the website. When it's live on November 1st, 9 am EST, we'll encourage folks to vote for their favorite family costumes! You'll have until midnight PST Monday, November 1st - we know this isn't long so you'll have to act fast! - and we'll be sharing plenty of reminders via our Instagram to encourage folks to vote! 

Runners-up 2020: Manuel and Bud, Valencia, Spain

Rules for entry

Gay, bi and trans dads: Send us your favorite family photo(s) or video of Halloween 2021 showing each and every member of the family in costume; Dad(s) and child(ren). All those featured in the photo or video must be in costume, and it must include at least one dad.

Please include:
1. Dad/s' first names
2. Instagram handle (if you have one)
3. City/state or country where you live
4. Let us know if you'd like to be included in our DIY category (where 50% or more of your outfit was made by you and/or your husband/partner.

One costume ensemble entry allowed per family (but can be both photo and video), and you may submit up to 3 different photos of your family in the same costumes.   

Runners-up 2020: James and Charlie, San Francisco, California

Meet the judges for our third annual GWK Halloween Contest!

Terrell and Jarius Joseph


When they're not fighting ghosts, @terrell.and.jarius are being the best proud papas that they can be to their twins. They became dads through surrogacy in 2017.

Terrell and Jarius have a social media following of 2 million across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. "We are all about normalizing LGBTQ+ parenting and redefining what marriage and family looks like," the dads share on their website. "We know how important representation and visibility is; especially for younger people." We know they're going to be fantastic judges of this year's competition. 

Dustin Smith and Burton Buffalo


Some know them as Mario and Luigi, while others know them as @dustin_patrick_smith and @bbbuffaloe, the super smash dads of their twins.

Burton and Dustin became dads in 2016 through surrogacy, and since then they've been sharing their family's day-to-day and putting out a whole lotta love. Together, they have over 300K followers on Instagram, and over 100K subscribers on YouTube. We're thrilled to have them as judges of our Halloween contest this year. 

Doug and Sanjay


We're so excited that Sanjay and Doug - @thetravelinggays - will be welcoming their own little boo this month! And what better way to initiate them into gay fatherhood than having them help judge the GWK Halloween contest! 

Sanjay and Doug have over 240K followers on Instagram, and the husband have been keeping them up-to-date of with their surrogacy journey. (Watch their video as they share the initial steps of their path to fatherhood - from their engagement and their wedding to their matching with their surrogate and finding out that they're pregnant!)


While you're here... check out our photo essay from last year.


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