Great Ads (Actually, A Card) With Gay Dads, Part 4

Hallmark Cards Inc., has joined other progressive companies like Chevy, Coca-Cola, and Honey Maid showing that gay relationships and gay families are becoming mainstream. Take a look at the new “Pride” series of cards by Hallmark.

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The animated series, in a pleasantly sweet and colorful children’s book style, shows two women sitting in bed, watching something funny on their laptop; two guys sitting closely together by a campfire; two women on the beach, looking into each other’s eyes, while one throws kisses to the other; two affectionate women on a motorcycle; and finally a card named “I’ll Take Two,” depicting someone (who later turns out to be the daughter) buying typical Father’s Day gifts, but two of each, for her two (ethnically diverse) dads.

In 2008, when same-sex marriage was not recognized in most states, Hallmark, the largest greeting card company in the United States, introduced same-sex wedding cards. Those cards – with two tuxedos, overlapping hearts or intertwined flowers, and without the words wedding or marriage -- could be used for commitment ceremonies as well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.37.20 PMIn May of this year, Hallmark added Mother’s Day cards appropriate for families with more than one mom, with two options: one card reading “for two moms” and the other “for my partner.”






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