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We are very excited to announce the official launch of the Gays With Kids YouTube channel! Visit often to see and hear from even more gay dads and their families. We promise lots of inspiring videos, but you'll need to supply your own tissues.

Here's a preview of our current line-up of playlists:

  • Visiting Gay Dad Families -- Get an inside glimpse into the homes and lives of gay dad families. These dads share their journeys for creating their families, and talk about what their lives are like as dads. Be forewarned -- you may be inspired to start your own family!
  • Gay Dad Weddings -- How could the best day of your life be made even more special? When its witnessed by your kids! Celebrate these gay dad weddings, and you'll likely pick up some tips to help plan your own walk down the aisle.
  • Gay Dad Special Moments --  Capturing anything from every day moments to special milestones, these videos remind us how lucky we are to be dads. Watching them is our version of taking the time to stop and smell the roses.
  • Gay Dads on Film -- Meet our unsung heroes: gay dads who help raise awareness of our families by sharing their own stories publicly through the news media, in commercials and documentaries, or online.
  • We add new videos regularly, so be sure to visit our YouTube channel often. Better yet, subscribe!

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