#GayDadWednesday: Petey and Tony’s Family Vacation Photos

Gay dads Petey and Tony share their favorite photos from their recent family vacation for this week’s #GayDadWednesday.

The dads report that they escaped the craziness of the recent Christmas season by taking their daughters to a quiet and kid-friendly resort in Cabo, Mexico.

Petey further shares that “…we spent most of the time by the pool and at the beach. We had a nice family dinner under the full moon on Christmas eve. We all had a wonderful time and we’ll be back again in the summer.”

Be sure to read the story of how this gay dad family came to be immediately following their vacation photos below.

From left to right: Anahi, Tony holding Nalani and Petey

Look at all those sad faces! Good-bye Cabo; until next time!

Tony and Petey’s Gay Dad Family Story

Gay dads Petey and Tony first met online in 2001. While they chatted electronically, they never actually met in person. It took another ten years for the two to reconnect and finally meet offline, thanks to a dating website they had each joined.

By now Tony had become a dad, co-parenting daughter Anahi, born in 2003, with a female friend. Coincidentally, Petey had already decided that he wanted to become a dad, so the two bonded over fatherhood.

Petey and Tony started dating long-distance, which was made easier by Petey’s independent plans to relocate to Sacramento as soon as he found a job there. It was at this time that Petey also began his own journey to fatherhood through surrogacy, and in Tony he found an incredibly enthusiastic supporter throughout the entire process.

By early 2013 Petey relocated to Sacramento, moving in with Tony. Three months later his daughter Nalani was born. Both dads witnessed her birth, and Petey’s name was listed as “Parent 1” on her birth certificate. Tony became “Parent 2” after finalizing his legal adoption of her as Petey’s co-parent.

While no date has yet been set, Petey and Tony plan to marry later this year. We’re sure the dads will keep us posted.

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