Gay Men Answer: What's the Best Part of Being a Dad?

BJ and Frankie, who are dads to son, Milo, wanted to celebrate Father's day this year by asking gay men a question: what's the best part about being a dad? Their responses are below!

J. Colby S. in Michigan

"Too many favorite parts to narrow it down to one. But one of my favorite things about being a dad is when my son (10) reaches out and holds my hand. It just melts my heart and reminds me of what's important. Love. I also love it when we get to giggling about something silly. I adore laughing together."

Luis S. in Michigan

"One of the best parts about being a dad was being able to homeschool our boys. Being that involved and seeing their grow was a beautiful experience. I did pre-k and half of kindergarten. What we love to do most as a family is color!"

Paul C. in Toronto

"Seeing your baby grow and smile! Taking them on vacations and see them experience the world."

Scott C. in Toronto

"My favorite part is watching the twins grow up before my eyes. I love watching the two different personalities develop while they're together and apart. I can't believe how fast they're growing! I especially like watching them learn and apply new skills, whether through sports, arts or social interactions. They make me proud. I'm looking forward to camping with them this summer. They love searching for bugs and eating marshmallows around the fire so that will be a blast."

Vincent H. in Toronto

"The thing I like the most about being a dad is pick-up from daycare. At the end of a tough day, I look forward to running toward my son, kissing him all over, helping him get dressed, and say "see you tomorrow" to the teachers. It feels like most other parents scowl at their kids and bark at them to change their shoes and get in the car, but I always savor those few daily minutes."

Tim S-M in Chicago

"We love that being fathers has brought us back to enjoying the simple things in life. We can now “eat" several plastic cupcakes and drink copious amounts of tea (water) and not gain a pound. Also, whoever thought that a staring contest could be so funny! Oh and the dance parties, oooh, the dance parties! Teaching your kids all the old school dances and they end up doing them better than you ever have. Then we have the morning wake up crawl that leads to cuddle time, which is the only morning breath you don't mind right in your face. We also love watching their faces and their excitement of when they have amazing days/week at school and how proud they are of themselves. Overall fatherhood fills your heart and your life with a love that is beyond what you have ever thought you were capable of…….. and only thing you can do is smile."

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