Gay Fatherhood Comes To The Small Screen In The Philippines

This afternoon GMA 7, a TV station in the Philippines, will broadcast the first episode of a TV show that focuses on a gay father. The soap, called “Dading,” (which translates as "gay father") is the story of a gay man named Carding (played by well-known Filipino actor Gabby Eigenmann) who becomes the father figure to the baby girl of his ex-girlfriend-turned-best friend Beth (played by actress Glaiza de Castro) after the real father (Benjamin Alves) disappeared from Beth’s life soon after he got her pregnant.

Eigenmann, who is straight in real life, has played gay characters before, most recently in the highly popular series “My Husband’s Lover.” He says that he has a lot of gay friends and has been careful not to bring a caricature of gay people to the screen.

For a taste of the new show, check out the teaser for episode 1.

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