Gay Dads Who Blew Up the 'Gram in 2017

In 2017, our Insta-game was stronger than ever. We brought you 642 pics of gay, bi and trans men and their families from all over the world! You clearly enjoyed the pics (to the tune of over 1.2 million likes!) as much as we enjoyed sharing them. With the year almost over, we wanted to remind you of some of our top pics from the the last year. (Not following Gays With Kids on Instagram yet? Fix that now for daily dose of adorable pics!)

Dads Jeremy and Joshua

It was the Instagram post that set the world wide web alight! Two dads and their beautiful cherub baby taking a well-deserved nap. Read about this family and how their pic went viral.

Dads Arejay and Mauricio

Arejay and Mauricio finalized the adoption of the almost 1-year-old son in October this year. In honor of the big occasion, they each wrote a love letter to their son. Read their moving words here and get ready for the water works

Dads Jared and Chad

These two dads are living their lives out and proud in the hopes of inspiring others. Read Chad and Jared's story of trying to reconcile their Mormon faith with their sexuality here.

Dads Joel and Craig

Craig and Joel became first-time dads this year when they adopted their daughter Izzy. We were honored to be able to share their news with the Gays With Kids community. Stay tuned for their family feature shortly!

Dads Andy and Tyler

Andy and Tyler shared their first few weeks as dads with us in our Life with a Newborn series. Find out how it all went by reading their story.

Dads Billy and David

2017 was an exciting year for Australia as same-sex marriage became legal. We celebrated right alongside our brothers and sisters down under.

Dads Richard and Carlos

Real Dads of New York, Richard and Carlos were chosen to adopt their son Timothy after hand-delivering their home-study documents to their adoption agency only hours earlier. Read their story.

Dad-to-be Michael

Michael is an expectant single gay dad. He always wanted to be a dad, and nothing was going to stand in his way. Read his story.

Dads Matteo and Hai

J.Crew really stepped in up this year and included gay dads in their Holiday campaign! Find out who these dads are by reading their story.

Dads Gary and George

Gary has four kids from a previous straight relationship, and fight as he might against his true authentic self, he couldn't hide it any longer. Gary fell in love with George and now he's out and proud, and being who he was always meant to be: a gay dad.

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