Gay Dads Want All Three Names On Triplets' Birth Certificates

Three gay dads in England who are expecting triplets together are hoping to make history by getting all three of their names included on the babies’ birth certificates.

51-year-old Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who is already a father of six, is excitedly awaiting the arrival of three new babies with his new fiancé 26-year-old Scott Hutchinson and ex-husband 56-year-old Tony Drewitt-Barlow.

Drewitt family

Two of the triplets will be the offspring of Barrie and Tony. Those embryos were formed 22 years ago, when the ex-couple had their first five children, and were kept frozen until early 2021.

The third embryo will be the offspring of Barrie and Scott, and will be the biological twin of their 15-month-old daughter Valentina, taken from their batch of embryos they created in 2019, according to The Mirror.

"I never thought I would be going down this road again, but I’m so in love with Scott and have so enjoyed having Valentina, that when Scott said he’d love to do it again I jumped at the chance,” Barry told The Mirror. “And here we are, pregnant yet again. I love it."

Barrie announced on Instagram that they would be holding a gender reveal party for the triplets in the New Year.

The dads have shelled out the equivalent of around $1.3 million to achieve their dream of having triplets together via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in the United States.

The family is well known for breaking social norms when it comes to how they formed their family. Barrie and Tony made history in 1999 when they became the first same-sex couple in the U.K. to be listed as "parent one" and "parent two" on twins’ Saffron and Aspen’s birth certificates, instead of “mother” and “father.” 

After the couple divorced in 2017, Barrie got engaged to Scott, his former Personal Assistant and daughter Saffron’s ex-boyfriend. Tony also met his new partner, Brent. The four men have remained friends and even live together in Florida, with Tony and Brent in a separate wing of the mansion, The Sun reports.

The triplets are due in early 2022, and the three dads are hoping to secure a new path for LGBTQ+ families in court by pushing for all three of their names to be on all three birth certificates. Barrie said he will “challenge the law” again if it means trailblazing another new path for same-sex families.

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