Gay Dads Tell Us Their Parenting Goals for 2020

We asked our community on Instagram what their parenting goals were for 2020. Here are some of their responses.

Many in our community are looking to grow their families in 2020... and we can't wait!

"Our goals is to add two more kiddos to our home!" - @ljaymatt (featured above)

"To find our forever family through adoption in the UK." - @emmamillermccaffrey

"To get pregnant again" - @mundo

"Maybe to adopt a second baby ." - @two_dads_in_md (feature image)

"Finalize the adoption of our newborn" - @sean808080 (featured above)

"Have another baby!! " - @delphinius2

"Start the adoption process :)" - @sheppard200999

Others are merely hoping to keep themselves and their kids alive...

"We have a 5 month old and a 1 month old. Our goal is to survive the sleep deprivation." - @maderom (featured above)

"Survival?" - @theashberbailey

"Keep them alive." - @shepherd190

"Make it through the terrible 2's!!" - @aaron3k

"Keep her alive." - @midami

And for others, we're ready to close the family building chapter

"No more babies lol. JK. Except not really" - @therealdadsofmarlborough (featured above)

Some of us are looking to improve our parenting skills and throw in some time for ourselves, too!

"To continue to listen to my kids and help them through whatever helps. I never has that so I love to give that." - @minicirkusz

"Helping my daughter find her independency in certain tasks" - @onezg

"To be present and engaged with my child. Put. The. Phone. Down. When. Playing." - @daddypapaandjasper

"More patience and more me time" - @davidcblacker

We're expecting a lot of kids to be out of diapers by the end of 2021! (Dads, you got this! )

"To be more patient and have both my toddlers potty trained" - @jj_1981 (featured above)

"Finish potty training!" - @jsquar3

"Get our son potty trained! Lol" - @khurst12

"Potty training for my twins" - @twodads.rgv

"Potty train my peanut and get him ready for pre-calc (he's 3)." - @gaydadbod (featured above)

Some of us are looking for the right person to begin the next chapter in our lives: family

"Find the right person to be a parent with" - @omaru90

"To find the right person to eventually (after 2020) get married and raise kids" - @phillythighs

And others are looking to find acceptance for ourselves and our kids

"Help my kids to not feel embarrassed for having a gay dad" - @drcameroncall

We're all looking for the simple things in life...

"Balance" - @real_dads_of_neworleans (featured above)

"To see my kids very soon and with my successful love." - @srinivas_paka

"To raise happy kids." - @th3oneandon1y

"Simplify" - @stephenamelia

And we can't wait for these dads to achieve their family goals!

"More family trips! Make more memories together" - @ffemt (featured above)

"Get the kids in the garden! And maybe camping for the first time." - @brisvegasdad

Happy New Year!

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