Gay Dads Show Off Ink & Facial Hair

Being a gay dad is sexy. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself! Rummaging through our archives and scouring social media, we compiled (in our humble opinion) a  stunning photo collection of gay fathers showing off their sexy facial hair and gorgeous ink, and their kids as well. We asked these men to share with Gays With Kids what special significance (if any) their tattoos have for them, and what their kids think of all the hypodermic pigmentation and the hair covering their dads’ faces. Be sure to go through the entire collection; it’s worth the effort!

Feature image photo credit: Jason Oranzo and David Root

Jason and David with Scout and Gus from New York, New York

Jason (bottom right) has a whale tattoo on his upper arm and an X on his forearm with the initials of his kids' first and middle names in each quadrant. He shares that his kids like his tattoos and they enjoy teasing him about his increasingly white beard. (Jason and David are the two men in the feature image of this article.) @jasonoranzo @davidfate

Michael and Norman with Caleb, Jonah, Zechariah and Levi from Stockton, California

Tattoos have a special significance for Norman (wearing red cap). The phoenix reminds him of the new life he began when he came out five years ago; the word Famiglia refers to his family; and Valdez, his family name, is tattooed on his forearm. He also has a cross tattoo. Michael (wearing blue cap) has four stars on his upper arm, one for each of his sons. @angelomichael_ @jessevaljr

Ewerton and Jonathan with Matheus from Natal, Brazil

Jonathan (without facial hair) thinks Ewerton’s beard is sexy and manly. Their son Matheus enjoys stroking it and says he’ll get a tattoo when he’s a grown-up. Ewerton’s leg tattoo consists of Maori symbols of balance and protection. His shoulder tattoo has no particular meaning; he just chose it for aesthetic reasons. @ewertonwilliambrito


Brian and Tyral with their daughters from Denver, Colorado

Brian (with dark hair) and Tyral both have beards. On their left arms they have similar tattoos of peacocks, which they chose because the birds are so full of life and character. Tyral also has a Leo (his sign) on one shoulder blade and Virgo (Brian’s sign) on the other. The dads share that their three girls love their ink and facial hair a lot!

Stephen with Birdie from Portland, Maine

Stephen’s daughter Birdie used to play with his beard when she was a baby. Once she saw a photo of him without the beard and she was clearly unhappy! She likes to point to his tattoos of nautical stars and an anchor, but her favorite is his mermaid tattoo. @papabear_81

Michael and Jon with Georgia from Lake Oswego, Oregon

Michael says his daughter loves his beard, except when he gives her kisses: it’s too scratchy! His tattoos, which are the beginning of a sleeve, show tree silhouettes, natural elements that speak to his Native American heritage: He’s part Nez Perce on his mom’s side. @mjamesd

Rocco and Corey with Forge from Mamaroneck, New York

Forge thinks his dad Rocco’s beard is ticklish and husband Corey complains that it hides his husband’s handsome face. But they both love Rocco’s tattoos, three of which have particular meaning for Rocco: those of his son, his husband and his first dog. @bigdognyc

David with his son and daughter from Palm Springs, California

David shares that his son wants to grow a beard just like dad, and both kids love his tattoos. David’s favorite is his autism tattoo, which honors his son. He also relishes the Phoenix tattoo on his forearm, which represents his own rebirth after coming out. “When I came out, my entire life changed and so did the kids’. For the better!” @lifebydstephens

Anthony and Dom with Gabe from Old Bridge, New Jersey

Anthony says his husband Dom only appreciate’s his facial hair because he knows Anthony needs it to help him look his age. But Dom does love Anthony’s tattoos, all of which have special meaning for Anthony: his ice hockey number, lyrics from the “Rent” song “No Day But Today” and a giant octopus half-sleeve, because, as Anthony explains it, ink is the only way his skin gets any color beyond the occasional summertime sunburn. @devnewjersey

D.J. and John with twins Gregory and William and younger twins Mathew and Violet from New Canaan, Connecticut

D.J. shares that his partner John has grown to like his always-scruffy face and his youngest twins enjoy rubbing their hands on it. The family loves D.J.’s tattoos, which includes an anchor and a violet to celebrate his children. He looks forward to adding to his tattoo collection. @douglasjk

Tim and Addison with their daughter from Parker, Texas

Tim (bottom left) loves Addison with a beard, and Addison loves Tim’s because “he doesn’t look 16 with it.” Their tattoos are a collaborative effort as they’ve been together to get every one of them. In response to Addison’s “I Love You” tattoo, Tim got one that reads “I Love You Most.” Addison’s sleeve is full of his favorite things from nature: flowers, birds and butterflies. @addisonabshire @johnsnit

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Cheron with Antoinette from Fresno, California

As a baby, Antoinette loved rubbing Cheron’s beard while she was falling asleep. Now that she’s old enough to draw, every picture she makes of her father shows him with facial hair! Cheron has several tattoos, including one of roses, which honor his grandmother, and a crown, symbolizing royalty for his daughter (Marie) Antoinette. Two of his tattoos cover up the names of exes!

Davide and Thomas with Evelyn from New York, New York

Thomas finds husband Davide’s facial hair and tattoos sexy. Daughter Evelyn says her dad’s facial hair is itchy, but is intrigued by his tattoos and even includes tattoos in all of her coloring. Davide explains that his tattoos show his love for graphic design and sailing; many of them are traditional sailor tattoos. His left arm includes his family tree with names and birthdays. #dbfiori

Alfredo and Mitchell with Jasper from Dallas, Texas

Mitchell (in the V-neck) and Alfredo love each other’s facial hair. They also told us that their tattoos are unique and carry special meaning for them.

Keith and Jovanny with their two daughters from Miami, Florida

The dads say that both of their daughters like to pull on Keith’s beard and run their fingers through it, and one of their kids was quite upset when he trimmed it. The dads have many tattoos, and the girls often ask about the meaning behind them. The dads agree that their most special tattoo (top right) is the one designed by Keith on the occasion of their wedding. Watch their wedding highlights video. @triguykeith @gio1ofakind

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