Gay Dads Keeping Their Cool for 'Back to School' Pics

Summer is almost over, which means our kids are heading back-to-school. And, like all parents, many gay dads managed to wipe away their tears for long enough to memorialize the moment with the obligatory "first day of school" Instagram pic. And if we're smart, we even remember — like these guys did — to snap a couple of family pics before the waterworks kick in...

We rounded up some of our favorites in the photo essay below. Enjoy! And don't forget to send your own first day of school pics to us at!

“First day of Kindergarten!”

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.33.46 PM


“First day of third grade!! ”


“So today is the first day of the homestretch for schooling. Both are in high school now and I only get to take 3 more pictures like these and the book is closed. Swipe to see how much they've grown since 2013.”



“Her face says it all! I’m so glad she had a wonderful first day!”



"Obligatory: 1st day of school pic "

"3rd Grade."

 “Proud moment ❤️ First day of Kindergarten ”


“Lexi’s 1st day of daycare. This morning was hard, but we know she’ll be well taken care of and will make lots of little friends. ❤️”


 “Keeping it real for our first day at @saesnola (She’s doing fine now)”


“There they go. 4 classrooms at East!”

"First day of first grade. How did we get here?! (Also, I was an emotional mess at drop off. I'm *that* parent.)"

“She gets smarter, we get balder. Second grade, here we come. I hope her teacher is ready! ”


“First day of second grade - at the same elementary school that both of her older siblings attended, and with friends she knows from preschool in her class”


"We have a kindergartner! She was so happy this morning!  ❤️✏️ ​"


"First Day of kindergarten. Dads are holding it together pretty well."


“First day of first grade and my 11th year teaching. #1stgrade #teacher #teaching #runtotheroar


“Kellans FIRST day of school! He was so excited he left us in the dust to get into his classroom.”


“First day of school Hope everyone have a great year ahead ”


"The first day of a kindergarten was a success! No watery eyes, except maybe from the daddies LOL! Super proud of Ethan and Lucas!"


"This little lady is so excited to go back to school! ❤️❤️❤️​"

"And just like that... summer is over and they're a year further along. Sigh."

"First day of kindergarten!! How did this happen?!  "

"First day of Kindergarten!"

“First day of preschool selfie.”

“We made it! First day of kindergarten! ”


“FIRST DAY. NEW ERA. The obligatory shot parents are posting all over social. We have arrived!”


"Julian Parker is off to 'big boy school!' He's been counting down the days for weeks now and he's never been more excited to go to sleep early than he was last night." 

"Just sent my heart out into the world. You're going to soar, little Bird."

“First day of school! 6th grade and 2nd grade ‍♂️”


And, some behind the scenes pics to show y'all what goes into a "first day of school" photo!

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