Gay Dads Celebrating National Superhero Day in Style

Holy made-up holiday, Batman! Today is National Superhero Day! Maybe it's been ages since you've sported a red cape. Maybe you gave up on tights after that ill-advised attempt at doing drag that one time. Still, it can take superhuman strength to be a dad some days. So we asked you to dust off those old Halloween costumes, snap a pic, and send them faster than a speeding train for our photo essay this week.  We've gathered our favorites below... as the Human Torch might say, Flame on, dads!

Tony, Hayden, Ed and Darian

Meet the Incredibles! Dads Tony and Ed with their daughters Hayden and Darian. This famous four live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Eric and his husband Mat fight crime with their son as Spiderman, whilst keeping their side job as the part of the Avengers team. They live in White Plains, New York.

Maxwell's superhero themed birthday party: Dads Doug (blue t-shirt) and Richard (black t-shirt) with their two sons, Maxwell and Alec.

Doug and Richard threw their son Maxwell a superhero themed birthday party. The honored guests included Superman and Wonderwoman, and, of course, the superman family themselves: Doug, Richard, Maxwell and Alex from Studio City, California.

Allen and John with their adorable son Colton

Dream on, Superbaby! Allen and John welcomed their son, Colton, this year in February. This new superhero trio live in Thousand Oaks, California.

San Francisco has never been safer with this family of superdudes (and their pup sidekicks.) Thanks for the pic, Fisher-Paulsons family!

Jeffrey and Scott with Carley and Jacob, Scottsdale, Az

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a family of super-people!

Aldo and Fernando with Eric

The Torontonian version of the Incredibles: Meet Aldo and Fernando with their son Eric.

This DC team of superheroes (including dads Alex and Rosario with their two kids) are poised and ready to defend their neighborhood in NYC.

Dads Darren and Barry, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

In Richmond Hill, Ontario, there are two superheroes ready to swing into action - the Flash and Captain America.

Doug and Brent with Sawyer

Batman (Doug) and Robin (Sawyer) will be defending good against evil when next the Joker (Brent) strikes!

DJ and Mike, DC

A family of Supermen! Meet Washington, D.C. family, DJ and Mike with their adorable son.

John and his kids

Good Spiderman, Bad Spiderman and a slightly concerned Superman. Just a normal Superhero family from Boston.

Justin and Randell of Irvine, Calif

Bat DNA runs in the family with a Batman and Batgirl. Meet Justin and Randell from Irvine, California.

Jeff and Tim with Andy, Celebration, Florida

Spiderman family: Son Andy is the good Spiderman, Dad Jeff is Venom and Tim is the Punisher. This family from Celebration, Florida clearly loves the Spiderman series.

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