Gay dads become first taiwanese couple to legally adopt

Gay Dads Become First Taiwanese Couple To Legally Adopt

A gay couple in Taiwan has become the first same-sex couple to adopt a child to whom neither of them are biologically related.

Dads Wang Chen-wei and Chen Chun-ju have been together for more than 16 years. They started along their path to parenthood together, according to The Guardian. 

Taiwan was the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2019. However, the nation did not rectify all laws that discriminate against LGBTQ+ people. That includes a law that says a married person can adopt their spouse’s biological child, but not an adopted child. 

So Wang adopted their daughter as a single man, the couple got married, and then took their case to the local courts to challenge the rules.

Thankfully, on Christmas day, the Kaohsiung juvenile and family court ruled that “a child should not be discriminated against because of their parents status”, and that the law did not expressly prohibit the adoption of adopted children, according to The Guardian. That ruling allowed Chen to adopt their daughter, and be registered as a parent alongside Wang.

After the two dads were granted legal parentage, Wang told a crowd of reporters outside that they were thrilled to both have equal parental rights. 

“I have everything now,” he said. “I am married and just like heterosexual couples, we can have our own children. But we were born to have and enjoy all of this, we are not a charity case. We shouldn’t have had to fight for it.”

The dads may have gained their own parental rights, but their case, unfortunately, did not set a new legal precedent. In order to do that, the word ‘genetic’ in Taiwan’s same-sex marriage law would need to be removed or changed.

Nevertheless, the husbands said they hope their case will serve as a beacon of hope for other gay men in Taiwan who are trying to form their families through adoption.

“I hope that our first story of victory as a gay couple will serve as a foundation for the full practice of fair, equal treatment for other LGBT families,” Chen said.

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