Gay Olympian Jordan Windle's dad reacts to him qualifying for Tokyo Olympics

Gay Dad Reacts To Son Qualifying For Tokyo Olympics

A gay dad in California is celebrating his son’s incredible athletic achievement, while telling the world that gay parents can raise happy, healthy families.

Jerry Windle’s 22-year-old son Jordan qualified last week for the USA Olympic Diving Team, and will be heading to Tokyo to compete in 2022.

Proud gay father Jerry took to social media to let the world know he’s over the moon about his son’s success.



“He has worked tirelessly for 15 years chasing his dream,” Jerry said of Jordan. “He has given up high school dances, Prom, football games, homecoming, etc., to achieve his goal. I have never pushed Jordan in his sport. This has been his journey, and I am so proud to have been able to give him the opportunity, and to be there to support him.”

Jerry also took the opportunity to point to his family’s story as evidence that gay folks can be terrific and loving parents.

“Although there have been some people who didn’t think a gay person could raise a well-balanced, mentally healthy child or should be allowed to raise children; our story is definitive proof that that assumption is purely wrong and is a fallacy,” he said.

In the 1990’s, Jerry said he found it difficult to adopt in the U.S., so he went to Cambodia to find a child in need of a loving home. There he found Jordan, an 18-month-old at an orphanage in Phnom Penh who had lost both parents as a one year old, and was suffering from malnutrition, scabies, and intestinal parasites, according to Queerty.

Jerry brought Jordan back to the U.S. and nursed him back to health. When Jordan was 7 years old, Jerry enrolled him in a summer camp at the Fort Lauderdale Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame. There, a top diving coach told Jerry that Jordan had the potential to compete at a national championship level, like the Olympics.

“He saw something in Jordan when he was seven that reminded him of Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis,” Jerry said. “Jordan has since been known as Little Louganis!” 

Jordan, who attends the University of Texas in Austin, is a senior majoring in Culture of Sport. He told NBC that his father’s support means the world to him.



“It’s everything,” Jordan said. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, his love and support. He’s always there for me, calling me. I’d give him anything, and I’m sure he’d do the same.”

A ‘swim-dad’ for more than a decade, Jerry said for the most part, the diving community has been incredibly supportive of his family.

“In fact, I’ve had many of Jordan’s friends tell him that he had the best dad in the world," he said, "and I suppose I’m one of the ‘cool dads’!”

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